404 Project XS: Wasteful Government Spending

government-wide spending on advertising more than tripled since the Conservatives first won power, growing to $136.3-million in 2009-10 from $41.3-million in 2005-06  [source]

Published Jan. 04, 2012 on the Globe & Mail

The country’s finance minister confirms what just about every other economist in the country already knew.

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Well, we can officially scratch one campaign promise off the Conservatives’ list: Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said it will take longer to eliminate the country’s deficit than the party had pledged just six months ago. During the election, the Tories had said they would eliminate the deficit by 2014-2015, in time for the next federal election. But Flaherty told the Calgary Chamber of Commerce that that projection was a little rosy, as the ongoing debt crisis in Europe and sluggish growth here in Canada means the deficit won’t be eliminated until 2015-16 at least. Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page had earlier said it could take until 2017-18 to complete that goal, but we’ll give Flaherty the benefit of the doubt until he inevitably takes the stage some months or years down the line to let us know that, yep, that deficit’s gonna be sticking around longer than anticipated. The NDP has charged that the Tories’ fixation on cutting government spending will just exacerbate Canada’s economic problems, such as unemployment and sluggish growth.

We know talks of debt and deficit lead to government spending cuts; we know most times these ‘unnecessary’ services are essential: healthcare, education, social services to mention a few. We also know that corporate tax cuts have reached new lows while employment insurance premiums increased. We have experienced and will soon face more attacks on labour and workers by a neoliberal government never considering alternatives to imposing Back To Work Legislation in favour of a ‘healthy economy’.

The average Canadian has not been experiencing prosperity. Numerous reports have indicated the historical gap between the haves and have-nots as well as national poverty rates. Canadians live through the increase of inequality in Canada where top CEOs are reported to make an average Canadian’s salary in a matter of hours.

The math just does not add up. We have paid our fair share of taxes. We are not growing wealthier. We are growing poorer and more financially unstable. And now, as our rights as students, workers, patients, etc… are being stripped by unjust regulations, the same government speaks of a rhetorical deficit crisis leading to the well rehearsed assumption that ONLY cuts on wasteful government spending would save our country.


1. To redefine wasteful government spending.

2. To identify wasteful government spending through collection of data, news articles, reports, etc.

3. To challenge the Federal government’s position on corporate tax cuts by providing evidence against the claim that tax cuts create jobs.

4. To discuss implications of government social service cuts in specific sectors and communities.

5. To start organizing a breakdown into municipal, provincial, and federal wasteful spending records.

Join us. Send us links, articles, news stories that are relevant to this projects.


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The above article is no longer available online.

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Edmonton transit riders to be scanned for explosives  January 10 2012 | Edmonton Journal

Above article no longer available through link. Story below retrieved here

EDMONTON — Train riders validating their tickets at an Edmonton transit station will also have them scanned for explosive and radioactive materials this spring.

Under a federally funded pilot project, ticket machines at the light rail station will be modified to sniff out potential terrorist threats in a test of technology aimed at boosting safety for commuters without slowing them down with airport-style holdups.

San Diego-based Cubic Security Systems announced this week it and Canadian company Mobile Detect will install radiological and explosives detection sensors inside ticket vending and validation machines at Churchill Station, in downtown Edmonton.

The ticket validators will scan and read changes on polymer coatings on the tickets that signal the presence of dangerous substances. Another detector will sense radioactive materials.

“A silent alarm triggers video surveillance of the person suspected to be carrying threatening materials, and authorities such as police and transit security are immediately notified,” said Walt Bonneau Jr., president and general manager of Cubic Security Systems.

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Relevant: Teddy award to Alberta 21 MLA’s paid $870,000 for non sitting committee; $1000/month for no work. Talk about pork barraling!  March 13 2012 | BevNDP

Relevant: Letter: Re $870,000 is a lot of money  March 14 2012 | Morinville News

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Relevant: 404 Power Profile: Bennett Jones – working draft

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Relevant: Toronto G8/G20 Summit Budget Document Collection

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Relevant: Legion worries soldier deaths may rise after DND cuts  May 24 2012 | CBC

Defence Department can’t explain increase in costs  June 8 2012 | National Post

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Magnotta’s trip home cost Canada $375,000  September 16 2012 | CJME

Conservatives spent record $130-million on advertising as deficit soared September 20 2012 | Globe and Mail

Feds spent more than $750K fighting veterans’ pension claim  September 23 2012 | CBC

Amid cutbacks, Conservatives commit $16M to ‘action plan’ ads  October 10 2012 | iPolitics

Conservatives overspent government ad budgets by 37%   October 11 2012 | CBC

War of 1812 ads during Olympic television coverage cost $1.64-million  October 13 2012 | Hill Times

Parliament Hill reno costs quietly soar above billion-dollar mark  November 1 2012 | Globe & Mail

Federal government legal spending hit record $500 million last year  November 8 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Lawyers cost us half a trillion dollars: We pay for government lawyers, not Harper  The Monitor

Harper government spends ‘for partisan political reasons,’ retail politics, says How Ottawa Spends editor

Parliament Buildings to get a $9.8-million security upgrade, and another 13 years of Hill renovations: Electrical wires being laid for new security enhancements to Parliamentary Precinct entrances  November 19 2012 | Hill Times

Olympic advertising costs topped $4 million, Harper government says  November 24 2012 | Postmedia

Christopher Stoney says PM Stephen Harper’s government is focused on visible spending with a political payoff  January 14 2013 | Hill Times

Taxpayers paid tab for CEOs on Harper’s 2012 China trip: Delegation to 3 Chinese cities included 30 oil, agriculture and manufacturing executives  January 21 2013 | CBC

Shipping Harper limos to India cost $1 million  January 29 2013 | Ottawa Citizen

Government ad spending on economy balloons under Tories  February 4 2013 | CBC

How much did the Harper government spend on their Super Bowl ads?  February 5 2013 | Yahoo


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