Alberta Oil Spill: Politics of environmental destruction needs to be brought back to public debate

404 Food for Thought: The disconnect

  • Politicians framing public debate in meaningless rhetoric
  • Media framing environmental disasters outside the realm of political discourse

Politics of environmental destruction needs to be brought back to public debate. 

Oil Spills:  In the News

Canada Oils Weaken As Enbridge Pipe Requires Restart Approval  July 31 2012 | Bloomberg

US bars Enbridge from Wisconsin pipeline restart  July 31 2012 | HydroCarbonProcessing

Wisconsin Spill Complicates Enbridge Plans  July 30 2012 | WSJ

‘Inevitable leaks’ from pipeline expansion prompt Burnaby residents to lobby for insurance  July 30 2012 | Province

B.C. Enbridge pipeline critics say money not the issue: Latest spill proves Northern Gateway risks too great, they say  July 30 2012 | CBC

Wisconsin pipeline leak fresh blow for Enbridge’s battered brand  July 30 2012 | Financial Post

Enbridge oil spill in Wisconsin raises new concerns about proposed pipeline  July 29 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Wisconsin Oil Spill: Enbridge Energy Reports Incident  July 28 2012 | Huffington Post

U.S. agency investigating Enbridge oil spill  July 28 2012 | CBC

Enbridge brand can be repaired, say analysts  July 13 2012 | Calgary Herald

In Canada’s Tar Sands, a Dante’s Hell Threatens People Nearby and Across the Globe  July 13 2012 | Common Dreams

Harper deploys diplomats to counter U.S. climate change campaign  July 12 2012 | Postmedia

Enbridge Execs Got Big Pay Raises After Continent’s Costliest Pipeline Spill: CEO’s salary jumped 35 per cent to $8.1 million just months after disaster July 12 2012 | The Tyee

50 Alberta organizations call for independent review into pipeline safety  July 12 2012 | Calgary Herald

Should the Northern Gateway pipeline proceed? Share your thoughts: U.S. watchdog urges Canada to ensure Enbridge has learned its lesson July 11 2012 | Calgary Herald

Enbridge failed to fix cracks in leaking Michigan pipeline: Enbridge like ‘Keystone Kops’ in poor handling of pipe rupture, NTSB head says  July 10 2012 | CBC

Enbridge handled Michigan pipeline spill like ‘Keystone Cops,’ National Safety Board chief charges  July 10 2012 | Edmonton Journal

Regulator slams Enbridge over Michigan river spill  July 10 2012 | Globe & Mail

Canada’s PM Stephen Harper faces revolt by scientists: Scientists to march through Ottawa in white lab coats in protest at cuts to research and environmental damage  July 9 2012 | Guardian

Militarizing Enbridge? Pipeline Behemoth Recruits US Military Vets for Jobs in Canada  July 9 2012 | PFP

Another B.C. First Nation signs up to oppose Northern Gateway  July 8 2012 | Canadian Press via iPolitics

Pipeline leaks have little impact on bottom line July 6 2012 | Edmonton Journal

Enbridge’s liability limited in event of any Northern Gateway oil spill: expert  July 5 2012 | Financial Post

Water pollution law meant to assist oilsands: Liberal MP  July 5 2012 | Calgary Herald

Kinder Morgan files toll application on Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion  June 29 2012 | Vancouver Sun

High turnover at DFO threatens environmental reviews: records  June 29 2012 | Calgary Herald

Kinder Morgan names shippers on Trans Mountain oil project: Oil producers and marketers commit 500,000 barrels per day on proposed expansion  June 29 2012 | Calgary Herald

Gleniffer Lake re-opens for long weekend, three weeks after oil spill  June 28 2012 | Edmonton Journal

Opportunity for Canadian firms in Israeli oil and gas play, Oliver says  June 28 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Tides Canada Stands Up to Government Critics  June 28 2012 | NYT

It’s More than a Pipeline: So states Enbridge’s expensive ad blitz. Here’s what they don’t say  June 28 2012 | The Tyee

Calgarians near urban oilwell say “not in my backyard”  June 27 2012 | Globe & Mail

Investor decries pipeline permit ‘delaying tactics’: Head of Alberta pension funds says process discourages investing  June 27 2012 | Calgary Herald

Enbridge pipeline becoming a national issue  June 27 2012 | Terrace Standard

TransCanada CEO says east coast oil line possible: Oilsands crude could replace imports  June 27 2012 | Calgary Herald

Enbridge can’t say if federal cuts would undermine oil spill response  June 27 2012 | Postmedia

The Dilbit Disaster: Inside The Biggest Oil Spill You’ve Never Heard Of, Part 2  June 27 2012 | Inside Climate News

The Dilbit Disaster: Inside The Biggest Oil Spill You’ve Never Heard Of, Part 1  June 26 2012 | Inside Climate News

Harper government recognizes cutting scientists who monitor pollution  June 26 2012 | Postmedia

Groups buy ad demanding independent pipeline safety review in Alberta  June 26 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Public consultation on pipeline expansion to start in fall  June 26 2012 | News Leader

Canadians told Tories priority on energy file should be protecting public: poll  June 26 2012 | The Province

Despite Spills, Enbridge Pushes For More Oil Sands Pipelines  June 26 2012 | Forbes

Bakken Pipeline Company Accuses Enbridge of Blocking Plans  June 26 2012 | Fox Business

Tar sands pipelines are even worse than you think  June 26 2012 | SF Gate

Army Corps gives OK to Keystone  June 26 2012 | Reuters via Winnipeg Sun

Alberta plagued by second June oil leak  June 25 2012 | Hazmat

Class action suit over oil spill  June 22 2012 | St. Thomas Times

‘Green’ money goes to pipeline, forestry and federal offices  June 21 2012 | Global

Bill C-38 answers oil and gas lobbyist prayers  June 21 2012 | Vancouver Observer

Alberta oil spills highlight aging pipelines, lax regulations, say environmental groups  June 20 2012 | The Star

Endangered caribou, birds and frogs among animals threatened by Enbridge pipeline: documents  June 20 2012 | Postmedia

Cleanup underway at site of latest oil spill  June 20 2012 | Global

Another day, another pipeline spill  June 19 2012 | Rabble

Third pipeline leak in Alberta in three weeks  June 19 2012 | The Tyee

Canada’s dirty laundry exposed at Rio  June 19 2012 | Metro

Enbridge Elk Point Spill Pumps About 230,000 Litres Of Heavy Crude  June 19 2012 | Huffington Post

Enbridge shuts Alberta pipeline after oil spill  June 19 2012 | Reuters

Alberta hit by new oil spill on Enbridge pipeline  June 19 2012 | Globe & Mail

ERCB responding to Enbridge Pipeline pumping station release  June 19 2012 | Government of Alberta

Budget bill should be called the Lobbyists’ Bill, it’s a gift for oil and gas lobbyists: Drafted in secret, frog-marched on closure, its provisions hidden from voters in the last campaign, the bill reads like it was ghostwritten at the Calgary Petroleum Club. It puts Canada dead last among G8 countries in environmental protection  June 18 2012 | Hill Times

Canada wants to hold on to fossil fuel subsidies, leaked document reveals: Sustainable development group calls news ‘heartbreaking’ ahead of Earth Summit  June 18 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Adrian Dix explores B.C.’s options in Enbridge project  June 18 2012 | Province

Pipeline leak near Sundre takes toll on Gateway project: Opponents point to spill, warn of risks  Calgary Herald | June 17 2012

Feds flagged Enbridge project for inadequate oil spill response plan: document  Calgary Herald | June 17 2012

Ewart: Calls growing for probe of aging pipeline system: Recent spills highlight ongoing risk  Calgary Herald | June 16 2012

Resident says he still hasn’t been told how long Alberta oil cleanup will take  Winnipeg Free Press | June 16 2012

Still no answers on spill cleanup time frame  Metro | June 16 2012

Gleniffer Lake resort community gets a crude awakening from oil spill: Residents tally damage from Plains Midstream pipeline oil leak  Calgary Herald | June 15 2012

Albertans reminded to stay off oil-contaminated lake: Hydrocarbons detected in water downstream of Gleniffer Lake, but province says drinking water still safe  CBC | June 15 2012

Newsmangled: Image of wrong oil spill goes viral  The Star | June 15 2012

B.C. Premier Christy Clark keeps close eye on Alberta oil spill: B.C. mulls Gateway impact  Calgary Herald | June 14 2012

Alberta oil spill looms large in B.C.: Plains Midstream accident comes as Northern Gateway makes its way through review process  Vancouver Sun | June 13

Water samples after oil spill within drinking guidelines: pipeline company  Winnipeg Free Press | June 12 2012

Alberta couple devastated by oil spill on their property  CTV | June 12 2012

River users worry about effects of Red Deer oil spill  Calgary Herald | June 12 2012

Ewart: Slick communication a change in oil spill story for Plains Midstream  Calgary Herald | June 12 2012

Sundre spill should not affect oilsands: politicians: Local politicians confident region will not suffer from negative image after southern pipeline leak  Fort McMurray Today | June 11 2012

Alberta oil spill comes at sensitive time  HazMat | June 11 2012

Alberta oil spill will take months to clean up  CBC | June 11 2012

Give us facts on Alberta oil spill, locals demand  Globe & Mail | June 10 2012

Alberta oil spill mostly contained, firm says: Cleanup into the spill of an estimated 3,000 barrels of oil underway  CBC | June 10 2012 

Ranchers fed up after Alta. oil spill  Toronto Sun | June 10 2012

Braid: First-class response seen at oil spill  Postmedia | June 9 2012

Oil pipeline bursts in Canada dumping crude oil into river  Examiner | June 9 2012

Oil spill worries Albertans: Red Deer River supplies thousands of Albertans with drinking water  CBC | June 9 2012 

Fresh water being trucked in for people living at site of Alberta oil spill  Edmonton Journal | June 9 2012

Pipeline leak detected in Plains Midstream oil spill  CTV | June 9 2012

Oil spills into Alberta river system: Up to 475,000 litres of crude escapes from pipeline  Winnipeg Free Press | June 9 2012

A map of the latest Alberta oil spill  Globe & Mail | June 8 2012

Alberta residents angry after oil spills into nearby lake: Premier Alison Redford promises a full investigation into the spill  CBC | June 11 2012

 Alberta’s Red Deer River hit by oil leak  Globe & Mail | June 8 2012 

Sundre oil spill into river echoes previous pipeline break: Pembina Pipeline leak in 2008 happened within three kilometres  Postmedia | June 8 2012

‘My place is destroyed’: Albertan in wake of Red Deer River oil spill  Globe & Mail | June 8 2012 

Crude oil spills into Alberta river  Canoe | June 8 2012 

Plains Midstream Canada Responds to Release Near Sundre, Alberta  MarketWatch | June 8 2012 

Alberta pipeline shut after oil spills into Red Deer River tributary: Plains Midstream Canada detected leak on Thursday  Postmedia | June 8 2012

Thousands of barrels of oil spill into Red Deer River  CTV | June 8 2012 

Pipeline spills oil into Red Deer river tributary  Macleans | June 8 2012 

Pace Oil Shares Fall on Alberta Crude Spill: Calgary Mover  Bloomberg | June 1 2012

Crews continue to clean up oil spill  Canoe | June 1 2012

22,000 barrels of oil spilled from northwestern Alberta oil well  Ottawa Citizen | May 31 2012

Pipeline spill sends 22K barrels into Alberta muskeg  Business News Network | May 31 2012 

No word on possible fines following oil spill  CKNW | May 31 2012

Rainbow Lake Oil Spill 2012: 22,000 Barrels Spill In Northwestern Part Of Alberta  Huffington Post | May 30 2012 

Spill sends 22,000 barrels of oil mix into Alberta muskeg  Globe & Mail | May 30 2012

Clean-up starts after major oil spill in northern Alberta  Canadian Manufacturing | May 28 2012 

Oil spill clean-up underway in northern Alberta  CBC | May 25 2012

Crews work to clean up oil spill at remote Alberta site  Video CTV | May 25 2012

Water and oil spill discovered near Rainbow Lake: Provincial regulators assessing size of leak from pipeline to injection well  Calgary Herald | May 23 2012  

Spill Baby Spill? The 5,000 Alberta Oil Spills Industry Would Prefer You Did Not Know About   Desmogblog | May 11 2012


Alta. oil pipeline leaked 28,000 barrels: Emergency crews working to clean up massive leak northeast of Peace River  CBC |   May 3 2011

Rainbow oil pipeline leak largest in 36 years  Calgary Herald | May 3 2011 

Oil spill in Canada’s Alberta ‘biggest in 35 years’  BBC | May 4 2o11

Huge Oil Spill in Alberta. Cover up by Regulators  Council of Canadians | May 4 2011

First Nations families sick after large oil spill in Alberta’s Peace Region  Rabble | May 4 2011

Stelmach expresses concerns about oil leak response  CTV | May 5 2011 

Alberta oil spill raises questions about previous leak  CTV | May 6 2011

‘Apologies are just to save face’ over Alberta oil spill ‘disaster,’ says Lubicon chief  APTN | May 11 2011 

Alberta’s Oil Spill History  May 11 2011

Alberta oil spill cleanup may top $40M  May14 2011 | Sun News


Relevant Readings

EnCana Corporation: Material Safety Data Sheet

A year on, still no decision on who pays for oilsands environmental monitoring  Postmedia |  June 7 2012 

Majority of oil and gas profits sent out of Canada, study finds: Critics call for a reworking of policy to benefit Canadians  Edmonton Journal | May 11 2012 

BP cleaning oil spill in Alaska UPI |  May 24

Northwest Coast Energy News

Trans Mountain Pipeline to carry Alberta oil to Vancouver  CBC Archives

You Spill What You Drill  Mark News

Vancouver Oil Sands Tanker Spill Could Cause Evacuation Nightmare  The Tyee  | June 4 2012

Pipeline plan triggers scramble for Vancouver bylaw: City council and Park Board gird for battle over Kinder Morgan twinning project  CBC | April 25 2012

Burnaby MP releases Kinder Morgan pipeline route map  Toronto | May 26 2012 

[ipaper id=95880342]


Global Petroleum Show

Global Petroleum Show  Public Works & Government Services Canada

Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is the meeting place for the world’s oil and gas industry with 2000 exhibitors and 60,000 attendees. At the Global Petroleum Show, the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises will have an information booth to engage current and potential suppliers of goods and services especially related to environment, engineering and construction, health and safety, information technologies, geomatics etc.

Date and Time:  2012-06-12 10:00 – 2012-06-14 18:00
Location:  Stampede Park 1410 Olympic Way, South East
City:  Calgary
Coverage:  Canada
Status:  Confirmed
Subject:  CICP innovation event

Global Petroleum Show 2012 largest show to date  May 29 2012 | CNW

List of Exhibitors

123 Freight Services Inc Hall G 9115
3M Canada Company Halls A, B, C 1110
A Box 4 U, LLC Outdoor 3274
A.R. Thomson Group Hall G 9108
ABB Inc. Halls A, B, C 1532
About Time Technologies Hall G 9017
Above & Beyond Compression Halls D, E 7404
Abra Controls Inc Hall F 8265
ABSOGER Halls D, E 7528
Ace Custom Fabrication & Controls Outdoor 3288
Ace Valve Co. Ltd. Halls D, E 7627
ACI Services Inc. Halls A, B, C 1920
Acklands-Grainger Inc. Halls D, E 7428
ACL Manufacturing Inc. Halls D, E 7029
Aconex Hall F 8130
ACP Applied Products Hall F 8443
Adalet Lower Big 4 5100
Adapx Lower Big 4 5322
Advance-Tek Consulting Inc Upper Big 4 4624
Aecon Mining Hall F 8404
Aerotech Herman Nelson International Inc. Halls A, B, C 1812
Aerotek Corral 2226
AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. Upper Big 4 4204
Aggreko LLC Hall F 8058
AGI – Envirotank Lower Big 4 5324
Air Liquide Canada Inc. Hall F 8305
Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. Lower Big 4 5447
Aker Well Services Halls A, B, C 1012
Alaska Structures Halls D, E 7320
Albacor Shipping Inc. Upper Big 4 4245
Alberta Computer Cable Inc. Hall G 9018
Alberta Energy Corridor Hall F 8140
Alberta Gateway Employment Services Inc. Hall G 9011
Alberta Governor Service Inc. Halls A, B, C 1824
Alberta Innovates Technology Futures Halls A, B, C 1807
Alberta Institute of Purchasing Management Association of Canada Corral 2010
Alberta Oil Magazine Lower Big 4 5323
Alberta Oil Tool Halls A, B, C 1268
Alberta Wilbert Sales Ltd Hall F 8159
Alco Energy Industries Halls A, B, C 1568
Alco Gas & Oil Production Equipment Ltd Halls A, B, C 1568
Alco Valves Inc. Halls A, B, C 1280
Alcro Electric Ltd. Halls D, E 7005
Alfa Laval Inc. Halls A, B, C 1008
Alkota Canada Ltd. Outdoor 3182
All Terrain Road (ATR Manufacturing, Inc.) Halls A, B, C 1200
All Weather Shelters Upper Big 4 4558
Alliance Corporation Outdoor 3383
Alliance Express Corral 2004
Allied Transmissions Ltd. Halls A, B, C 1907
Allmand Bros. Inc. Halls D, E 7348
Alloy-A division of Platinum Communications Corp. Hall G 9122
Almita Piling Inc. Lower Big 4 5151
Alpha Technologies Ltd. Corral 2106
Alta Rig Systems Inc. Outdoor 3346
Alta-Fab Structures Ltd. Outdoor 3317
Altachem Ltd. Upper Big 4 4422
Altair Contracting ULC Corral 2124
Altra Industrial Motion Lower Big 4 5234
Altronic Inc Corral 2028
Altronic, LLC Corral 2028
Ambassador Limousine Hall F 8042
Amercoat / General Paint Corp. Upper Big 4 4161
Ameri-Forge Group Inc. Halls A, B, C 1104
American Augers Inc Lower Big 4 5250
American Block Halls D, E 7048
American Innovations Upper Big 4 4344
American Jereh International Corporation Outdoor 3248
American Petroleum Institute Halls D, E 7100
Amerjin Energy, LLC. Hall F 8157
AMICO Canada Inc. Halls D, E 7941
Amphenol Industrial Lower Big 4 5209
AMSOIL Industrial Sales Upper Big 4 4425
ANSYS Inc. Lower Big 4 5461
Anvil Technologies Hall F 8347
AOG International Upper Big 4 4444
Apex Engineering Products Corporation Halls A, B, C 1412
API Heat Transfer Inc Upper Big 4 4434
Aptech Precision Machining Inc. Lower Big 4 5536
Aquatech International Corporation Halls D, E 7007
ARAS Engineering Incorporated Lower Big 4 5409
Arctec Alloys Ltd. Halls A, B, C 1882
Arctic Fox Corral 2128
Arecon Data Hall F 8360
Argo Sales Ltd Upper Big 4 4149
Argus Machine Co. Ltd. Halls A, B, C 1476
ArkLaTex Gyro Services Upper Big 4 4507
Armacor Liquidmetal Hall F 8367
Armstrong International Halls D, E 7705
Arrival Oil Tools Inc. Lower Big 4 5627
Arrow Engine Company Halls A, B, C 1300
Arrow Reload Systems Inc Lower Big 4 5307
Arrow Speed Controls Upper Big 4 4718
ARW Truck Equipment Ltd. Outdoor 3304
ASCO Numatics Upper Big 4 4534
Ashahi Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. Lower Big 4 5016
ASSA ABLOY Canada Hall G 9209
Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) Hall F 8155
Assured Testing Services Hall F 8430
Astec Lower Big 4 5250
ATCO Structures & Logistics Outdoor 3339
Athabasca Analyzers Hall F 8163
ATI Oil & Gas Halls D, E 7240
ATK Oilfield Transportation Inc. Outdoor 3363
Atlantic Braids Ltd. Hall F 8263
Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show Outdoor 1011
Atlas Copco Compressors Canada Halls A, B, C 1536
Atlas Copco Portable Energy Outdoor 3755
Atlas Manufacturing Ltd. Hall F 8165
Atlas Oil & Gas Process Systems Inc Lower Big 4 5105
Atlas RFID Solutions Hall F 8252
ATS Electro-Lube International Inc. Upper Big 4 4158
ATS International Services Halls A, B, C 1883
ATS Logistics Services, Inc. Halls A, B, C 1883
ATS Specialized, Inc. Halls A, B, C 1883
Auma Actuators, Inc. Hall F 8238
Aurora Jet Partners Upper Big 4 4648
Australian Trade Commission Corral 2526
AUTEXIER Halls D, E 7528
Autodesk Canada Hall F 8459
Automatic Coating Ltd. Halls D, E 7521
Aventec Inc. Hall G 9117
AVI-SPL Lower Big 4 5457
Avigilon Corporation Hall F 8161
Avtron Industrial Automation Corral 2025
Babbitt Steam Specialty Company Lower Big 4 5018
Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. Halls D, E 7911
Baldor Electric Co. Halls A, B, C 1524
Baldwin Filters Halls A, B, C 1931
Balon Corporation Halls A, B, C 1516
Band-It – IDEX, Inc. Upper Big 4 4621
Barkman Concrete Ltd. Halls D, E 7808
Battle River Alliance for Economic Development Lower Big 4 5558
Bay Industrial Upper Big 4 4247
BAY6 Solutions Inc. Lower Big 4 5012
Bayou Perma-Pipe Canada Ltd. Lower Big 4 5141
Beaver Plastics Ltd. Lower Big 4 5113
Bedford Reinforced Plastics Lower Big 4 5225
Beijing Pulimen Mech.&Elec.Hi-Tech.Co. Hall F 8106
Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. / CIPPE 2013 Upper Big 4 4446
Bell Supply Company LLC Hall F 8347
Bellows Tech, LLC / Servometer PMG, LLC Hall F 8334
Belzona Western Ltd. Corral 2205
Bench Tree Halls D, E 7622
Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd. Hall F 8369
Berg Chilling Systems Inc. Halls D, E 7524
Bethel Engineering Co. Ltd. Halls D, E 7627
Big Holding Systems Ltd. Upper Big 4 4341
Big Steel Box Outdoor 3257
Bio Tech Canada Services Inc. Hall F 8267
BioConcepts Inc. Halls D, E 7601
BioSpan Technologies, Inc. Hall F 8347
Birch Oilfield Services Outdoor 3610
BIW ConnectorITT/Cannon Corral 2200
BIXnets Inc. Hall F 8066
Black Diamond Group/ Boxx Modular Outdoor 3253
Black Sivalls & Bryson (Canada) Ltd. Halls A, B, C 1923
BlueSky Process Solutions Corral 2120
BMT Co. Ltd. Halls D, E 7627
Boerger, LLC Upper Big 4 4700
BOHLER Bleche Upper Big 4 4306
Boilermaker Rentals & Supplies Outdoor 3193
Bonney Forge Corporation/WFI International Halls A, B, C 1609
Born Heaters Canada ULC Lower Big 4 5153
Bosch Rexroth Canada Halls D, E 7052
Boteli Valve Group Co., Ltd Lower Big 4 5334
BP Pump Ltd. Outdoor 3170
Brace Tool Inc Upper Big 4 4164
Braden (PACCAR Winch) Outdoor 3515
Brampton Nameplate Inc. Hall G 9110
Branch Corner Supply Hall F 8138
Bredero Shaw Halls D, E 7342
Britco (WEQ Britco LP) Lower Big 4 5611
Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd. Hall F 8167
Brookfield Engineering Labs Upper Big 4 4227
Brotech Precision CNC Hall F 8000
BRT Structures Outdoor 3341
Bruce Diamond Corp. Hall G 9004
Bruin Instruments Corp. Lower Big 4 5114
Brutus Truck Bodies Outdoor 3305
Brytex Building Systems Inc. Halls A, B, C 1884
BS COATINGS Halls D, E 7528
Bucars Outdoor 3260
Bucks Engines Lower Big 4 5115
Builders Choice Inc. Hall F 8353
Building Trades of Alberta Hall F 8136
Burckhardt Compression (Canada) Halls D, E 7552
Burintekh Canada Ltd. Hall G 9024
Busby Metals, Inc. Upper Big 4 4246
Busch Vacuum Technics Canada Corral 2308
Business Improvement Group, Inc. Lower Big 4 5349
Business Instincts Group Halls A, B, C 1608
Butting Canada Ltd. Upper Big 4 4201
BW Technologies by Honeywell Halls A, B, C 1724
C&E Reclamation Hall F 8366
C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. Lower Big 4 5107
C-Tech OilWell Technologies Outdoor 3401
C.A Reed & Associates (Sask) Ltd Outdoor 3395
C.E. Niehoff & Co. Halls D, E 7804
C.H. Robinson Project Logistics (formerly Transera) Corral 2304
Cadman Power Equipment Ltd. Upper Big 4 4564
CAE Mining Canada Lower Big 4 5446
Calfrac Well Services Ltd Outdoor 3313
Calgary Economic Development Corral 2576
Caliper Inspection Ltd. Hall F 8211
Calscan Services Halls A, B, C 1708
Cameron Halls A, B, C 1032
Cameron Outdoor 3407
Cameron Hall F 8034
Cameron Construction Services Ltd Outdoor 3198
Camex Equipment Outdoor 3049
CAN Telematics Inc. Hall F 8439
Canada Battery Systems Ltd. Hall F 8431
Canada Control Works Inc. Outdoor 3506
Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association Corral 2578G
Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association Corral 2578G
Canada North Environmental Lower Big 4 5442
Canada Post Hall G 9123
Canada Pump & Power (CPP) Corporation Outdoor 3511
Canada-Arab Business Council Corral 2578D
Canadian Advanced ESP Inc. Halls D, E 7711
Canadian Air-Crane Ltd. Halls D, E 7945
Canadian Council for the Americas – Alberta Corral 2578F
Canadian Council for the Americas – Alberta Corral 2578F
Canadian Council on Africa Corral 2578E
Canadian Council on Africa Corral 2578E
Canadian Crane & Hoist Mfg. Ltd. Hall F 8000
Canadian Dewatering LP Lower Big 4 5241
Canadian Grass Roots Inc Hall G 9027
Canadian Heavy Oil Association Corral 2578B
Canadian Linen and Uniform Service Upper Big 4 4404
Canadian Mat Systems Inc. Outdoor 3524
Canadian Pacific Lower Big 4 5306
Canadian Society of Unconventional Resources Corral 2578C
Canadian Society of Unconventional Resources Corral 2578C
Canadian Wellhead Isolation Outdoor 3001, 3003, 3005
CanAm Equipment Solutions Inc. Outdoor 3754
Canamara Equipment Services (A division of Di-Corp) Halls A, B, C 1512
CANCADE Company Limited Outdoor 3875
CANCADE Company Limited Halls D, E 7604
CanTorque Inc. Halls D, E 7748
Canusa-CPS Halls D, E 7342
CAPLUGS Hall F 8403
Caproco (1987) Limited Halls D, E 7922
Caps ‘n Plugs Corral 2024
CARBER Halls A, B, C 1939
Carestream NDT Lower Big 4 5534
Carhartt, Inc. Upper Big 4 4559
Cascade Equipment Ltd. Halls D, E 7603
Caterpillar Inc. Outdoor 3333
Cavotec Canada Inc Upper Big 4 4160
CBG Corporation Halls D, E 7734
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. Halls A, B, C 1786
CCTF Corporation Lower Big 4 5520
CEDA International Corp Halls A, B, C 1400
Celtic Pride Manufacturing Ltd. Outdoor 3020
Cement Association of Canada Lower Big 4 5423
Central Air Equipment Ltd. Outdoor 3176
Central Alberta Plastic Products Lower Big 4 5244
Central Alberta: Access Prosperity Upper Big 4 4155
Central Water & Equipment Services Lower Big 4 5308
Ceragon Hall G 9218
Certek Heat Machines Inc. Outdoor 3722
Certek Heat Machines Inc. Halls D, E 7738
Cervus Contractors Equipment Outdoor 3164
Cessco Fabrication & Engineering Ltd. Corral 2105
Cestusline, Inc Hall G 9030
Cetaris Canada Inc. Hall F 8362
CETCO Oilfield Services Company Halls D, E 7039
CFER Technologies Halls A, B, C 1807
Chart Energy & Chemicals, Inc. Halls D, E 7338
Checker Transportation Group Hall F 8042
Chem Oil Products/Unique Valve & Instrumentation Hall F 8316
Chengdu Bode Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Hall F 8156
Chentronics® Corporation Halls D, E 7511
China Petroleum Pipeline Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd Hall F 8110, 8112
China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (CPTDC) – Pemsco Ltd – Casco Halls A, B, C 1056
China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (CPTDC) – Pemsco Ltd – Casco Halls A, B, C 1056
CIP Document Solutions Upper Big 4 4361
CIPE 2013 Upper Big 4 4446
CIPPE 2013 Upper Big 4 4446
City of Barrie, Ontario, Canada Hall F 8000
City of Swift Current Lower Big 4 5449
CKR Global Corral 2026
Clearstream Energy Services Upper Big 4 4413
Cleaver-Brooks Engineered Boiler Systems Halls D, E 7618
Clements National Halls D, E 7806
CMC Letco Ind, LLC Corral 2224
CMI MULCHERS Outdoor 3164
CMiC Lower Big 4 5022
CMP Products Upper Big 4 4229
CNPC Great Wall Drilling Company Lower Big 4 5430
Codet Inc. (Big Bill Workwear) Upper Big 4 4259
Coen Company, Inc. Halls D, E 7406
Cold Fire Canada Ltd Lower Big 4 5219
Colfax Fluid Handling Halls D, E 7438
Collective Technologies Inc. Hall F 8218
Collicutt Energy Services Lower Big 4 5267
Columbia Industries, LLC Upper Big 4 4704
Combustion and Energy Systems Ltd. Upper Big 4 4642
Commercial Norwegian Pavilion Halls D, E 7004
Commercial Solutions Inc. Halls A, B, C 1391
Communications Group Upper Big 4 4440
Compact Compression Halls D, E 7063
Compass Compression Services Ltd Outdoor 3765
Compressco Canada Inc. Outdoor 3759
CompressorTech Two Lower Big 4 5119
Consulticorp, LLC Hall F 8310
Contain Enviro Services Ltd Hall G 9229
ContainerWest Upper Big 4 4345
Contendo Training Solutions Upper Big 4 4200
Continental Wire Cloth Hall F 8247
Control Technology Inc. Outdoor 3256
Controlled Automation, Inc Hall F 8257
Convey-All Industries Inc. Outdoor 3054
ConXtech Outdoor 3002
Cook Compression (Dover Corp. Canada) Halls A, B, C 1804
Cool Air Rentals Ltd. Lower Big 4 5507
CoorsTek Lower Big 4 5523
Copper Core Limited Halls A, B, C 1927
Corporate Traveller Hall F 8105
CORRECOL Corral 2514
Cortec Fluid Control Hall F 8513
CORTEC Manifold Systems Hall F 8513
Cortex Business Solutions Hall F 8524
Cougar Drilling Solutions Lower Big 4 5408
County of Simcoe Hall F 8000
Cowan Graphics Inc. Hall F 8475
CPI Service Halls A, B, C 1004
CPS Filtration Inc. Halls A, B, C 1390
CPTI International / Canadian Petroleum Training Insititute Upper Big 4 4446
Crane Carrier Company Hall F 8255
Crane Energy Flow Solutions Halls D, E 7752
Cratex Industries Ltd Upper Big 4 4364
Cream Compression Ltd Hall F 8431
Cross Controls Inc. Hall F 8037
Crown Relocations Outdoor 3174
Cryogenic Industries Service Companies Halls A, B, C 1180
CSA Group Halls A, B, C 1407
CTE Industries Ltd. Halls D, E 7742
CTH Systems Inc. Upper Big 4 4134
CTS Industries Ltd. Hall F 8029
Cubex Limited Outdoor 3260
Cullen Diesel Power Ltd. – TDI Air Starters Upper Big 4 4157
Cummins Inc. Halls A, B, C 1744
Cushman & Associates Lower Big 4 5161
Custom Fiberglass Contractors Halls A, B, C 1504
Custom Linings of Alberta Hall F 8135
Custom Metalcraft Corral 2224
CVS Controls Ltd. Halls A, B, C 1312
CWB Group Hall F 8507
D&D Machine Works Upper Big 4 4520
D&G Polyethylene Products Ltd. Outdoor 3029
D&D Machine Works Upper Big 4 4520
Dacro Industries Inc. Lower Big 4 5148
Dadi Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. of Inner Mongolia First Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd Hall F 8053
Daemar Inc. Lower Big 4 5205
Dafco Filtration Group Upper Big 4 4305
Dakota Ultrasonics Halls D, E 7748
Dale Carnegie Training Upper Big 4 4644
Dalian Yulin Electric Motor Co., Ltd. Hall F 8067
Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. Halls A, B, C 1044
Dassault Systèmes – SolidWorks Halls A, B, C 1100
DataCan Services Corp Upper Big 4 4640
DataTrail Inc. Upper Big 4 4455
David Aplin Group Upper Big 4 4710
DCL America Inc. Upper Big 4 4360
Decoking Descaling Technology Inc. Corral 2107
DeGolyer and MacNaughton Canada Limited Halls D, E 7812
Degremont Technologies Lower Big 4 5156
Dell Canada Hall F 8455
Dellner Brakes AB Upper Big 4 4410
Delta C Technologies Inc. Upper Big 4 4358
Delta-P Test Corp. Outdoor 3282
Dentec Safety Specialists Inc. Hall F 8050
Derrick Equipment Company Upper Big 4 4524
Designed Precision Castings Inc Lower Big 4 5220
Detcon Halls D, E 7814
Detector Dog Services International Ltd Lower Big 4 5542
Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) Halls A, B, C 1144
DFI Corporation Outdoor 3308
DFI Corporation Upper Big 4 4209
Diamond Chain Upper Big 4 4547
Diamond International Trucks Ltd Outdoor 3196
Diamondback Industries Upper Big 4 4509

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