Budget Bill C-38


  • Bill C-38 An Act to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on March 29, 2012 and other measures  parl.gc.ca  or download PDF
  • Status of Bill  LegisInfo


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Bill C-38, the destructive ‘budget implementation’ act  Council of Canadians | April 26 2012

Tread carefully, Tories: Governments can live to regret omnibus bills  Globe & Mail | May 8 2012

Andrew Coyne: Bill C-38 shows us how far Parliament has fallen  National Post |  April 30 2012

Hon. Irwin Cotler: Debate on Bill C-38 – “A sad chapter in Canadian parliamentary history”  Irwin Cotler | May 3 2012

Opposition wants Harper government  to break up omnibus budget bill  iPolitics | May 7 2012

John Ivison: Liberty lost in stampede to pass Tories’ omnibus budget bill  National Post | May 7 2012

Critics see Tory omnibus bill as abusive, unethical  Potmedia | May 3 2012

Omnibus bill fails test  Red Deer Advocate | May 4 2012

Federal Budget 2012: Tories criticized for using majority to limit debate on omnibus budget bill  Toronto Start | May 3 2012

NDP, government debate splitting omnibus budget bill: NDP wants 400-page omnibus bill split into five measures; Tories accuse them of stalling  CBC | May 7 2012



Federal Budget Implementation Bill Introduced (C-38)  Legislative News

Critics warn Bill C-38 could force unemployed into jobs they don’t want  Yahoo News | May 6 2012

New EI rules could force unemployed into jobs they don’t want  Globe & Mail | May 3 2012

Federal government links employment insurance and temporary foreign workers  Daily Commercial News | April 3 2012

Employment Insurance recipients may be forced to accept jobs filled by temporary foreign workers  Vancouver Sun | April 19 2012

Budget bill gives Conservatives broad power over EI rules  Globe & Mail  | May 3 2012

EI appeals to take longer: advocate  Winnipeg Free Press | May 4 2012

Tories reveal more about plan to link EI benefits to regional labour demands  Province | April 30 2012



Bill C-38 /2012 Budget Bill : Legal Perspective on Env. Changes to Federal Regulatory System  Sierra Club | April 30 2012

Omnibus bill a threat to fish habitat, environmentalists say  Kamloops Daily News | May 4 2012

Tory minister defends environmental changes in budget bill: Natural resources minister says he’s spoken to Canadians on bill to pass environmental regulations  May 7 2012 | CBC

$7.7B in contaminated sites a legacy of weak oversight: Environment auditor says without regulations, revised emissions targets are out of reach  CBC | May 8 2012




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