Fantino: The Elections. The Story. The Documents

Here are the latest updates on this story:

March 15 2012. Ipolitics. Letter to the editor: Harris has corrections to make

March 15 2012. Ipolitics. Response Letter from Harris: Of bank accounts and elections laws

March 15 2012. York Region.  Fantino calls finance allegations ‘disgraceful’


CBC: Voting in Vaughan

Former Tories ask for investigation in Fantino’s riding: Won Vaughan riding by 964 votes in 2010 byelection March 9 2012 | CBC News

Election Fraud & Robocalls: The Case of Vaughan

Vaughan: Can you make sense of this leak?

Vaughan: Calling On All Canadian Journalists



In the News

March 14 2012. CBC.  Fantino says Canada’s F-35 jet purchase ‘evolving’ Minister responsible for military procurement won’t commit to numbers

March 14 2012. Georgia Straight. News for Youse: Elusive Pierre Poutine, Fantino’s confusion, and Conservative family values

March 10 2012. Georgia Straight. Conservative MP and former police chief Julian Fantino under fire over campaign spending

March 10 2012. National Post. Former Conservative riding officials seek probe into Julian Fantino’s election spending

March 10 2012. Ottawa Citizen. Tory members file complaint over Fantino: Former members of riding association allege possible second account for election campaigns

March 9 2012. Vancouver Sun.  Three former Tory association members seek probe into Fantino’s election finances

March 9 2012. Toronto Star. Elections Canada urged to investigate Fantino

March 9 2012. CBC. Conservative Campaign Spending: Vaughan



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