Global 1984?
UK , Australia, and Canada are on the same timeline with their governments introducing 1984 Orwellian online spying over the internet. This is a global initiative. Both Canada and the U.S have the same identical title names of the internet spying bills.

Canadian Anti-Privacy Bill Is Just Like H.R. 1981: ”He can either stand with us or with the child pornographers. [404 Addition]


The attack on the internet : Everything is orchestrated worldwide

Question what conference were the leaders of Australia , the Uk and Canada’s “world leaders” last at? .. They are doing the bidding of Private banks and corporations, they are all puppets who answer to them -This is global fascism creeping in, Everyone must resist, stand up speak out NOW!

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February 21 2012 UNITED KINGDOM:
Phone and email records to be stored in new spy plan
Details of every phone call and text message, email traffic and websites visited online are to be stored in a series of vast databases under new Government anti-terror plans. “The plan has been drawn up on the advice of MI5, the home security service, MI6, which operates abroad, and GCHQ, the Government’s “listening post” responsible for monitoring communications.”

Under the scheme the security services would be granted “real time” access to phone and internet records of people they want to put under surveillance, as well as the ability to reconstruct their movements through the information stored in the databases. The system would track “who, when and where” of each message, allowing extremely close surveillance. source
February 19th 2012: AUSTRALIA
law enforcement and government agencies are accessing vast quantities of phone and internet data without warrants, prompting warnings of a growing “surveillance state” and calls for tighter controls. source

2011- United Sates: Internet Providers to Save User Data Under Child-Porn Bill
In the U.S the bill was titled ” The bill, HR 1981, The Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011″ source 
February 14th 2012 – In Canada Bill C-30 formally (C-51) was renamed at the last minute from “Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act” ” to **Bill C-30 ” The Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act” source

The bill ***includes no mention of children or predators except in the title***

The bill includes no mention of children or predators except in the title, which appears to have been changed after it was sent to the printers. source 

CBC News: The flaw in the title of the online spying bill Video

Harper’s Safety Minister Vic Toews created a firestorm when he labeled anyone opposed to the spy bill when he said ‘You’re either with us or with the child pornographers”

“Mr. Toews has now been forced to admit that the bill is badly flawed, and that he can’t support it in its current form. In other words, Mr. Toews can either stand with his government or the child pornographers … and from the sounds of it he’s not picking the government.” source

VikiLeaks Reference: The divorce came after Mr. Toews, once called the “minister of family values,” fathered a child with another, much YOUNGER woman. Another tweet claims the affair was with the couple’s former babysitter and others attest Mr. Toews stopped paying his wife support. source

on Vic Toews who introduced the spying bill:
“He wasn’t sure if [Section 17] was in the context of a criminal investigation or if it could just be a fishing expedition, but the fact that the minister isn’t clear about what’s in his own bill is problematic.” source

Toews signed bill C-30 he didn’t read? Or if he read it, he didn’t understand it? He’s a public safety Minister And he had the gall to say that those who questioned him stood with pedophiles? On CBC radio Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says he is surprised to learn of a section of the government’s online surveillance bill provides for exceptional circumstances under which any police officer can request customer information from a telecommunications service provider (without warrants). source

3:43 and on… Vic Toews claiming that MP Charlie Angus never read the bill (among other claims)… what’s the pot calling the kettle?

MUST READ ARTICLE by CBC’s Terry Milewski on (Bill C-30)
Online surveillance bill opens door for Big Brother
CBC:  **Section 34**gives Orwellian powers to government-appointed ‘inspectors’

Toronto Sun: “Say hello to Big Brother Government in Canada”

Macleans: Stephen Harper’s promise: a warrantless online surveillance state

Online Activism firestorm Across Canada Against Toews and Internet Spying Bill C-30 Video

Macleans magazine: Lawful Access: a creepy Valentine from Vic Toews

But wait, it gets worse. Dr. Michael Geist is a law professor at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law. He points out just one way of many in which Lawful Access will give police frightening new capabilities. With a push of a button, police could gather the mobile identity numbers of every person present in a certain area. It’s as good as a name. Geist uses the G20 protests as one instance where it may have been useful for police to instantly generate a list of people to keep a close eye on, or to arrest later. But hey, why stop there? If no warrant is needed, why not take mobile ID snapshots of crime-ridden corners every night? They could know who is standing where at all times. If I was a cop, I’d take that over your Gmail password any day. source

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