Harper Government: Y U NO LISTEN TO U.N.



Blame Canada? UN Slams New Anti-Protest Law: Critics counter the UN should be going after the likes of Cuba, not Canada  June 19 2012 | Time NewsFeed

Charest, Harper Tories united as Quebec protest spat further threatens Canada-UN relations  June 19 2012 | National Post

Alarm over human rights in Canada: A controversial law aimed at protests in Quebec has drawn notice from the UN Human Rights Council  June 18 2012 | Al Jazeera

Is Canada`s relationship with the United Nations turning sour?  June 18 2012 | Postmedia

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights criticizes Quebec  June 18 2012 | Rabble

Top United Nations official “disappointed” with Bill 78  June 18 2012 | Macleans On Campus

Graeme Hamilton: ‘Selfish’ UN is picking on Quebec over protest law  June 18 2012 | National Post

Quebec’s controversial emergency legislation under fire from UN  June 18 2012 | Global

Quebec, Ottawa bite back after UN rights commissioner singles out province’s Bill 78  June 18 2012 | The Spec

UN agency sounds alarm on Canadian law as number of refugees surges  June 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

Ottawa scoffs at UN rights chief’s criticism of Quebec protest law  June 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

Another UN body smacks Canada, this time for Quebec law restricting large protests  June 28 2012 | Yahoo

Canada Will Spy on People, Politely  June 17 2012 | The Atlantic

First time: U.N. puts Canada on human rights watchlist over Quebec demo law  June 17 2012 | UN Watch

Advance Copy: Pillay’s 18 June Address to UN Human Rights Council June 17 2012 | UN Watch

Anti-protest law lands Canada on UN human rights watch list  June 18 2012 | RT

Attitude to torture strains relations between Ottawa and UN panel  June 7 2012 | Global & Mail

Federal lawyers dismiss UN criticism of Canada on torture, rights violations  June 7 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Canada must do more to stop torture  June 6 2012 | Globe & Mail

Tory MP wants Baird to consider yanking Canada out of UN  June 6 2012 | Globe & Mail

Ottawa should heed UN report on torture  June 4 2012 | The Star

UN report condemns Canada for complicity in torture of citizens detained abroad   June 3 2012 | The Jurist

UN slams Canada’s security practices  June 3 2012 | Times Colonist

United Nations condemns Canada over risk of torture, rights violations  June 2 2012 | Ottawa Citizens

UN torture report condemns Canada for being ‘complicit’ in rights violations  June 2 2012 | National Post

UN report accuses Canada of complicity in torture  June 2 2012 | AP

Canada exposes citizens to risk of torture, rights violations: UN report  June 2 2012 | Vancouver Sun

UN Report Faults Canada on Torture Renditions: UN ‘Concerned’ by Canada’s Reluctance to Protect Captured Citizens  June 1 2012 | Antiwar

Canada accused of ‘complicity’ in torture in UN report: UN body says changes to Canada’s immigration laws risk human rights violations  June 1 2012 | CBC

UN Slams Canada’s Treatment of Mentally Ill Prisoners  June 1 2012 | IHRP

UN envoy blasts Canada for ‘self-righteous’ attitude over hunger, poverty  May 15 2012 | National Post

Report: US sent detainees to Afghan prisons known for torture despite moratorium  March 17 2012 | Canadian Press

Harper government criticized over allowing CSIS to use information extracted from torture February 8 2012 | 1310 News


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