Net Grab: Internet Policies vs. Global Internet Community


Everything is connected: Can internet activism turn into a real political movement?  January 5 2012 | Economist



United Nations wants control of web kill switch  November 12 2012 |

Global row as UN body vies for internet control  November 12 2012 | ABC

‘Stop the Net Grab’ Opposes UN Control of Internet: Proposal would ‘restrict political freedoms and harm civil society’  November 12 2012 | Common Dreams

Net grab would undermine online freedom, warns TUC  November 12 2012 | Ekklesia

Growing concern about internet power grab  November 12 2012  | Radio Australia

Petition: Stop the Net Grab

Crovitz: The U.N.’s Internet Power Grab: Leaked documents show a real threat to the international flow of information  June 17 2012 | WSJ

What Rumours of a UN Internet Takeover Suggest: Challenge to US domain dominance shows need to retool web governance  June 12 2012  | Tyee

The current controversy misses the bigger point that Internet governance still lacks a strong, universal commitment to a multi-stakeholder approach that includes governments, business, and civil society groups working together to develop policies that best reflect the views of the global Internet community.

ITU CWG-WCIT12 Draft Compilation of Proposals/Options November 2011   June 11 2012  | PI

The following documents are compilations of draft proposals for modifications to International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs) under the International Telecommunication Union.  The current version of the proposed changes to the ITRs (CWG-WCIT12 Temporary Document 64) was recently leaked in response to a lack of publicly available information on the proposals.  These documents help to provide background and context on the development of the current proposal.

U.N. takeover of the Internet must be stopped, U.S. warns: A U.N. summit later this year in Dubai could lead to a new international regime of censorship, taxes, and surveillance, warn Democrats, Republicans, the Internet Society, and father of the Internet Vint Cerf.  May 31 2012 | CNET


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