On Corruption: Quebec – Draft

Quebec corruption inquiry leads to two more arrests amid allegations of conspiracy and fraud  March 21 2013 | National Post

SNC-Lavalin staff donated $15K to Conservative nominee: Michel-Eric Castonguay received two-thirds of war chest from Montreal-based company’s employees  March 20 2013 | CBC

Quebec corruption inquiry goes federal: witness says fake billing financed parties  March 20 2013 | Province

Corruption: Rosaire Sauriol pushed into a corner  March 20 2013 | La Presse

Quebec corruption inquiry: Witness asked about ties with Senator Leo Housakos: The relationship between one of Quebec’s largest engineering firms and a Conservative senator is being raised at the province’s corruption inquiry  March 19 2013 | Star

Quebec extends corruption inquiry mandate: Government approves Charbonneau commission’s request for 18-month extension  March 19 2013 | CBC

Radio-Canada political commentator resigns following corruption inquiry testimony: Frulla’s husband’s company, Morrow Communications, mentioned at Charbonneau commission  March 15 2013 | CBC

Quebec corruption inquiry zeroes in on illegal party funding: Witness says he had to play the ‘game’ if he wanted to do business in Montreal  March 14 2013 | CBC

Quebec anti-corruption unit makes arrest  March 12 2013 | CBC

Collusion driven by Union Montréal fundraiser, inquiry hears: Engineer François Perreault resigned from Genivar over political donations  March 12 2013 | CBC

Montreal city manager commits suicide following questioning by anti-corruption unit  March 12 2013 | National Post

Quebec corruption probe seeks 18-month extension, into Spring 2015  March 11 2013 | Global

Quebec’s anti-corruption police enter the big leagues  February 28 2013 | Global

Quebec corruption inquiry reveals Montrealers getting hosed on construction costs  February 25 2013 | Global

Quebec’s anti-corruption forces raid offices at Montreal’s City Hall  February 19 2013 | Yahoo

Genivar confirms ‘inappropriate conduct’ in financing Quebec political parties  February 11 2013 | Financial Post

Quebec corruption probe turns to provincial politics  January 29 2013 | Star

Quebec corruption probe turns to provincial politics as engineering firm boss says thousands of dollars sent to political parties  January 29 2013 |  National Post

Silence on Quebec corruption deafening  December 12 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Quebec’s corruption scandal is a Canadian problem  December 10 2012 | Globe & Mail




Crime Pays: CBC Fifth Estate  October 11 2006

The contract is suspended Génieau  April 9 2009 | Radio Cnada

Liberal fundraiser denies influence-peddling: Franco Fava testifies he never pressured minister for favoured judge nominees  September 22 2010 | CBC

Political interference and games backstage at the Port of Montreal  April 11 2011 | Radio Canada

Soudas did nothing wrong in reaching out to Port of Montreal, Harper says  April 20 2011 | Canadian Press via iPolitics

Harper aide denies receiving kickbacks in Montreal port job  April 21 2011 | The Star

Damning report exposes corrupt Quebec roads industry  September 15 2011 | CTV

From the archives: Zampino-Dessau ties deep  September 21 2011 | Postmedia

Corruption investigator Jacques Duchesneau fired  October 28 2011 | CTV

Quebec anti-collusion boss Jacques Duchesneau fired  October 28 2011 | Global

Political Turmoil In Quebec: Leadership Challenges, Corruption Inquiry And New Parties Dominate Headlines  October 28 2011 | Huffington Post

RCMP Widens Probe Into Allegations Canada Revenue Agency Officials Took Bribes In Quebec  November 4 2011 | Huffington Post

Quebec Corruption Inquiry: Jean Charest Reverses Himself, Gives Subpoena Power To Corruption Probe  November 9 2011 | CBC via Huffington Post

Police Probe Port Of Montreal Influence Peddling Allegations: Report  December 5 2011 | Postmedia via FAIR

Tories on alleged influence peddling at Montreal port: ‘The file is over’  December 6 2011 | Globe & Mail

Port Of Montreal Corruption Case Closed: Conservatives December 6 2011 | Huffington Post

The Conservative government said the case is closed in an ongoing controversy over corruption in Montreal, even as reports emerged Tuesday that the RCMP has launched an investigation that could reach into the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Globe and Mail and Radio-Canada quoted unnamed police sources who said the Mounties are investigating allegations of corruption around the appointments process at the Montreal Port Authority, a federal body…

France Charbonneau, Quebec Superior Court Justice Heading Corruption Probe, Victim Of Break-In  March 26 2012 | Canadian Press via Huffington Post

Quebec Electoral Office Launches Corruption Investigation  April 13 2012 | FAIR

Quebec’s chief electoral officer has opened an investigation into fresh allegations of corruption and collusion between politicians and the construction industry.

Gagnon could not say how long the investigation would take, but the announcement came on a day when politicians of all stripes found themselves on the hot seat responding to the report, aired on Radio-Canada’s Enquête show….

Quebec anti-corruption raids net 14 arrests, 47 charges: Warrant issued for Mascouche mayor  April 17 2012 | CBC

Quebec town becomes the shamed face of corruption scandal after Mayor targeted for arrest  April 17 2012 | National Post

Quebec anti-corruption czar hints more arrests coming, with 17 probes underway  April 19 2012 | Canadian Press via Winnipeg Free Press

Arguments wrap in RCMP and Quebec corruption inquiry battle  April 19 2012 | Canadian Press via CBC

Federal Tories tied to Quebec companies accused of corruption  May 9 2012 | Globe & Mail

The federal Conservative Party received donations from dozens of employees at three engineering firms now implicated in high-profile police investigations into Quebec’s construction industry.

Such donations to Canada’s governing party, and to a lesser extent the opposition Liberals, illustrate that federal politics is no stranger to the corporate ties now being scrutinized by police and an upcoming provincial inquiry in Quebec.

As Ottawa unveiled billions in economic stimulus spending in 2009, Conservative coffers in one Montreal riding were flooded with contributions from individuals affiliated with firms that have since become mired in collusion scandals.

Generous donations from executives of SNC-Lavalin’s Conservative Party  May 9 2012 | La Presse

Companies involved in Quebec construction scandals have deep federal ties  May 9 2012 | Postmedia

Quebec firms charged in scandal got federal stimulus funds: Canadian Press investigation finds infrastructure contracts went to companies facing criminal charges  May 14 2012 | CBC

Federal stimulus cash went to firms implicated in Quebec scandals  May 14 2012 | Globe & Mail

Some of the public money set aside for Canada’s economic recovery has ended up in the hands of companies and individuals accused of taking part in an elaborate collusion scheme in Quebec.

Quebec corruption crackdown hits Montreal city hall  May 17 2012 | Globe & Mail

Quebec’s corruption crackdown struck the heart of Montreal’s city hall and its construction industry on Thursday with the arrest of construction magnate Paolo Catania, Frank Zampino, a former city councillor who was the right-hand man of Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay, and former fundraiser Bernard Trépanier.

While investigators have scooped up municipal officials in Montreal suburbs, it’s the first time the corruption investigation has made arrests near the top of Mr. Tremblay’s administration. Last month, police arrested 15 people, including construction magnate Antonio Accurso, on charges of corruption, fraud, conspiracy and bribery, in the anti-corruption squad’s first major operation.

Nine men were arrested in Thursday’s sweep and charged with fraud and conspiracy. Mr. Catania and the former civic officials also face charges of abuse of trust. Police allege the men, led by Mr. Zampino, rigged a deal on a $300-million condo development in the east end of Montreal.

Investigators say the city officials fed information to Mr. Catania’s firm, Construction Frank Catania, that helped it craft a winning bid for a large swath of city-owned land at a low price in 2007. In return, the city officials allegedly received about a million dollars in cash and gifts, including money intended for Mr. Tremblay’s party, Union Montreal.

The allegations have not been proven in court….

Former head of Montreal executive committee arrested in anti-corruption raid  May 17 2012 | The Star

Frank Zampino, Paolo Catania, Bernard Trépanier among 9 arrested by UPAC corruption squad: As head of city’s executive committee, Zampino was No. 2 to Mayor Gérald Tremblay  May 17 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Frank Zampino was ‘ringleader’ in bid-rigging scheme that netted $1 million: UPAC: Former No. 2 to Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay charged with fraud, conspiracy, breach of trust and participation in an offence  May 18 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Quebec corruption inquiry could expose links between Mafia, politics and construction  May 21 2012 | National Post

Quebec corruption inquiry will be ‘impartial,’ commissioner vows  May 22 2012 | CBC

High-profile Quebec corruption inquiry set to get underway  May 22 2012 | Canadian Press via Global

Key players in the Quebec corruption inquiry  May 22 2012 | CBC

Quebec corruption inquiry assesses potential participants  June 4 2012 | CBC

The man who sparked Quebec’s corruption inquiry: Straight arrow Jacques Duchesneau, Montreal’s former police chief, is to be the star witness when the inquiry into construction industry begins formal hearings on Wednesday   June 11 2012 | CBC

Jacques Duchesneau, Former Anti-Corruption Boss: Quebec Gov’t Didn’t Give Us A Computer Or Office  June 13 2012 | Canadian Press via Huffington Post

Graeme Hamilton: Minister ‘not even listening,’ Quebec corruption probe told  June 14 2012 | National Post

Quebec government didn’t care about corruption report, says whistleblower  June 14 2012 | The Star

Quebec anti-corruption squad boss: I leaked findings so they wouldn’t be ignored  June 14 2012 | Globe & Mail

Jacques Duchesneau, Quebec Whistleblower, Leaked Construction Corruption Report Because Government Didn’t Care, He Says  June 15 2012 | Canadian Press via Huffington Post

Quebec corruption inquiry: Witness starts naming names  June 18 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Quebec corruption inquiry: Witness starts naming names  June 18 2012 | Global

Witnesses protected from civil lawsuits  June 20 2012 | The Gazette

‘Dirty money’ fuels parties: Duchesneau:  70% of donations bypass Elections Quebec, ex-cop states  June 20 2012 | Postmedia

Party lawyers grill key witnesses in Quebec’s corruption inquiry  June 20 2012 | Globe & Mail

UPAC raids net 11 arrests south of Montreal: Linked to municipal contracts including in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu  June 21 2012 | CBC

Quebec provincial police have arrested 11 people in connection with an anti-corruption investigation in several communities south of Montreal.

The arrests were made Thursday following an investigation by Quebec’s permanent anti-corruption squad, UPAC.

Sûreté du Québec officials say the accused were involved in a collusion scheme since 2007 involving municipal infrastructure projects in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. The case also involves projects in Carignan, Lacolle and Henryville.

Police say the case involved seven contracts worth $20 million. The alleged fraud is estimated at $1 million.

Police say two of the accused worked for the city of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Investigators also targeted 9 construction companies.

About 77 charges are expected to be laid in all. The suspects are accused of a wide range of charges including breach of trust, influencing a public official, defrauding the government, producing and using counterfeit documents, accepting a bribe, extortion and conspiracy…


Quebec makes 11 more corruption arrests as inquiry breaks for summer  June 21 2012 | National Post

Quebec corruption inquiry rises for summer. Will it be back before an election?  June 21 2012 | Winnipeg Free News

Charbonneau Commission: Corruption inquiry wraps up for summer: Hearings break till September after testimony from former anti-collusion boss Jacques Duchesneau  June 21 2012 | Gazette

Commission Charbonneau: the ramifications of empires Accurso, Fava and Catania unveiled  June 21 2012 | Radio Canada

An attorney for the commission Charbonneau, Ms. Sonia Lebel, filed earlier this afternoon these diagrams relations constituted by the UAC. These are clickable links:

Quebec politics awash in illegal fundraising, construction corruption inquiry hears  June 22 2012 | DCN

Former investigations agency head arrested for fraud by Quebec cops  June 25 2012  Winnipeg Free Press

Quebec corruption inquiry rises for the summer season  June 25 2012 | Canadian Press via DCM

Friend of disgraced minister arrested for fraud  June 25 2012 | CTV  << article no longer available

Quebec corruption probe a national wake up call for campaign finance reform June 26 2012 | iPolitics

The Charbonneau Commission tasked with investigating dirty political campaign financing allegations in Quebec has dominated headlines in that province, but hasn’t caught the attention of many beyond its borders. The testimony before the Commission, however, does have national implications for political campaigns at all levels of government.

Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay demands that corruption buster retracts accusations  June 27 2012 | Province

Montreal Mayor threatens to sue anti-corruption whistleblower after graft accusations  June 27 2012 | National Post

Mascouche mayor expected to return to council tonight  July 9 2012 | CBC

Mascouche calls on government to oust mayor  July 10 2012 | CBC

Harper Government Takes Action to Crack Down on Corruption: Strengthening Accountability In Procurement and Real Property  July 11 2012 | Mrketwire

The man who shook Quebec: Jacques Duchesneau was hired to investigate corruption in the construction industry. No one liked what he found  July 12 2012 | Macleans

Preliminary inquiry in fraud case against Zampino, others is expected to take 3 months: Fraud counts stem from real-estate dealings  July 13 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Frank Zampino trial: On paper, evidence would fill 1,400 transport trucks  July 14 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Charest has nothing to lose but election: Ballot question might be: Who’s in charge — government or mob?  July 20 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Quebec students hit Montreal streets with anti-Liberal message  July 22 2012 | The Star

CAQ scores anti-corruption candidate Jacques Duchesneau  August 3 2012 | Globe & Mail

Anti-collusion guru Jacques Duchesneau may run with Coalition Avenir Québec: Report suggests Duchesneau will run in St. Jérôme on CAQ ticket  August 3 2012 | Postmedia

Jacques Duchesneau’s candidacy changes Quebec political game  August 3 2012 | Glove & Mail

The QLP, party confiscated?  August 3 2012 | Huffington pOST

Spinning a former leader of the FTQ-Construction halted after a meeting with Charest   August 8 2012 | Radio Canada

Police dropped union surveillance after Charest meeting: Liberal leader denies any interference in police investigations August 8 2012 | CBC

CAQ’s star candidate sparks fuss over corruption inquiry: Jacques Duchesneau’s spat with Charbonneau commission lawyer draws in party leaders  August 8 2012 | CBC

Quebec construction tycoon charged  August 9 2012 | Timmins Press

Quebec construction magnate Tony Accurso arrested for a second time on corruption charges  August 9 2012 | Canadian Press via National Post

Tony Accurso arrested on allegations of tax evasion August 9 2012 | The Star

Charest considers suing over corruption allegation  August 9 2012 | CTV

Wiretap was dropped after chat with Charest: Report: Corruption scandal continues to rock Quebec political scene  August 9 2012 | Canadian Press via Postmedia

Charest in damage-control mode following fresh corruption claims: Denies knowing Liberal supporter was under police surveillance  August 9 2012 | Postmedia

Political Financing doubtful charges against 11 engineers  August 21 2012 | Radio Canada

Corruption suspects donated $261Gs to Quebec political parties  August 27 2012 | The Observer

Police probe McGill hospital contract awarded to SNC Lavalin  September 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

Anti-corruption unit raids McGill superhospital offices  September 18 2012 | CBC

Italian scholar gives Quebec corruption probe intensive course on the Mob  September 18 2012 | Huffington Post

Quebec’s anti-corruption squad UPAC targets MUHC offices  September 18 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Mafia 101: Quebec corruption probe gets scholarly rundown on workings of the Mob  September 18 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Underworld focus of Quebec corruption inquiry  September 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

Quebec corruption probe resumes after break  September 19 2012 | JoC

Ontario Mafia under the microscope  September 20 2012 | Radio Canada

Ontario detective says Mafia groups are good at staying ‘under the radar’  September 20 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Ontario premier skeptical of Mafia role in province: McGuinty says he has no evidence mob has infiltrated economy or politics  September 20 2012 | CBC

Ontario’s gangsters more likely to go unnoticed, Quebec corruption inquiry hears  September 20 2012 | Globe & Mail

Targeted by the SQ, Arthur Porter left the country  September 26 2012 | La Presse

Quebec construction boss admits companies colluded: Lino Zambito testifies at corruption inquiry that firms divvied up contracts and paid off Mob  September 27 2012 | CBC

Two engineers from the City of Montreal on vacation with Lino Zambito  September 30 2012 | Radio Canada

Montreal engineers took vacation with construction company co-owner Lino Zambito: report  September 30 2012 | Gazette

Mob boss mediated contract between Zambito, Accurso: Lino Zambito’s testimony at the Charbonneau commission continues  October 1 2012 | CBC

City of Montreal engineers vacationed with contractor: 3 men at centre of Quebec corruption inquiry played golf in Mexico  October 1 2012 | CBC

Montreal mayor’s party got kickbacks, contractor says: Ex-tycoon Lino Zambito says 3% of value of city contracts was paid to Tremblay’s party  October 1 2012 | CBC

Quebec inquiry witnesses first political bombshells  October 1 2012 | Metro

Alleged 3% went to Montreal mayor’s party: Quebec inquiry  October 1 2012 | The Spec

Mayor’s party received payout, Quebec inquiry hears  October 1 2012  | CTV

MUHC and SNC-Lavalin: What role did the former CEO Arthur Porter play?  October 1 2012 | La Presse

Quebec’s corruption inquiry zeroes in on man tied to Harper PMO  October 2 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Quebec corruption probe widens to PM’s pick for port job: Former Montreal city manager Robert Abdallah accused of favouring certain supply companies  October 2 2012 | CBC

Inquiry offers insight into power soon-to-be-released Rizzuto once held  October 2 2012 | Windsor Star

Montreal ex-director general implicated in construction probe: Robert Abdallah allegedly covered for construction suppliers  October 2 2012 | CBC

City suspends all proposed contracts for roads, sewers  October 3 2012 | Gazette

Scrutiny had cleansing effect on construction industry, says Zambito  October 3 2012 | CBC

Operation Hammer had a chilling effect on construction collusion: Charbonneau inquiry witness: SQ squad’s launch led to sudden, precipitous drop in prices on contract bids: ex-construction boss Lino Zambito  October 3 2012 | Gazette

Private engineering firms played role, source says: ‘Mr. Zambito is giving names, but not enough to my liking’  October 3 2012 | Gazette

Harper distances himself Robert Abdallah  October 4 2012 | Radio Canada

SQ probed allegations against Louisbourg, Abdallah in 1980s  October 4 2012 | Gazette

Police raid on Laval city hall, mayor’s home  October 4 2012 | CTV

Raids at home, office of mayor in Montreal-area Laval  October 4 2012 | Global

Quebec’s dirty business: Kickbacks, ‘fake’ work orders, city employees on the take and other allegations  October 4 2012 | Macleans

Revenue Quebec executes 2 fresh search warrants in Antonio Accurso probe: Search that began Wednesday with 9 raids extends to document-storage warehouses in Laval   October 4 2012 | Gazette

Philippe Couillard announces bid to lead Quebec Liberals  October 4 2012 | Gazette

In 2010 $1.3B ‘mega-hospital’ was lauded. Today, the mystery behind it is the subject of police raids  October 5 2012 | National Post

Political financing: 11 engineers before their disciplinary committee  October 9 2012 | Radio Canada

Illegal political donations at a fundraiser for the former Minister Normandeau  October 9 2012 | Radio Canada

Cash, red roses, Celine Dion: Allegations at Quebec probe scorch provincial Libs   October 9 2012 | Global

The MP Hélène Daneault caquiste slammed by Lino Zambito  October 9 2012 | Radio Canada

Zambito described illegal party financing: Publication ban partially lifted: Ex-construction boss says he was asked to give a $50,000 ‘donation’  October 9 2012 | Gazette

Corruption extends to Quebec Liberals, inquiry hears: Construction exec Zambito says party organizer wanted $50K cash donation  October 9 2012 | CBC

Quebec Libs defend reputation in the face of illegal fundraising allegations  October 10 2012 | The Star

Dismissal of mayors: Quebec studying several scenarios  October 10 2012 | Radio Canada

Ex-MUHC official files breach-of-contract lawsuit  October 11 2012 | Gazette

McGill hospital project suspected of corruption  October 14 2012 | UWN

The former Liberal organizer Pierre Bibeau splashed Zambito  October 15 2012 | Radio Canada

Quebec star witness: I donated illegally to every party  October 15 2012 |  Vancouver Sun

Lino Zambito says he paid Laval’s mayor to win contracts  October 15 2012 | CTV

Ex-construction boss implicates Laval mayor, parties at corruption inquiry  October 15 2012 | CBC

Charbonneau Commission: Ex-construction boss Lino Zambito moves beyond Quebec Liberals on illegal political party fundraising: $30,000 in cash handed over at meeting with longtime Liberal organizer Pierre Bibeau in April 2009: testimony  October 15 2012 | Gazette

Laval mayor comes under fire from whistleblower at Charbonneau probe  October 15 2012 | Globe & Mail

Antonio Accurso explains decision to quit as head of construction empire  October 16 2012 | Gazette

Latest casualty at Quebec inquiry: chief counsel resigns for ethical reasons  October 16 2012 | Province

Chief prosecutor in Quebec corruption probe quits  October 16 2012 | CTV

Quebec inquiry attorney quits as Liberals’ lawyer vows to fully cross-examine Zambito  October 16 2012 | Globe & Mail

Quebec Liberals make last-ditch request to question Zambito on corruption allegations  October 16 2012 | Globe & Mail

Quebec inquiry says it won’t explore corruption suspicions at the federal level  October 17 2012 | Globe & Mail

Sorry, that’s off limits: Quebec inquiry says it won’t explore federal parties  October 17 2012 | The Province

More career damage at Quebec corruption inquiry: Loto-Quebec exec reassigned  October 17 2012 | DCN

Lawyer presses Zambito on his motives for testifying at Quebec inquiry  October 17 2012 | Globe & Mail

From the Prime Minister’s Office to Montreal City Hall, Quebec’s corruption inquiry sparks a flurry of denials  October 17 2012 | National Post

Charbonneau commission investigating the island traveler  October 18 2012 | La Presse

Arthur Porter: Golden Exile October 18 2012 | La Presse

An octopus policy October 18 2012 | La Presse

Ex-engineer of the City of Montreal Gilles Surprenant admits royalties October 18 2012 | Radio Canada

Bureaucrat tells Quebec corruption inquiry he accepted $600,000 in kickbacks  October 18 2012 | The Province

Corruption inquiry told Montreal Mayor’s circle allegedly took bribes  October 22 2012 | Globe & Mail

Mayor passes corruption measures at stormy council meeting  October 22 2012 | CBC

$1.1-billion savings at Transport Quebec since corruption, collusion investigations started in 2009  October 22 2012 | Gazette

Montreal corruption machine was an ‘open secret,’ inquiry hears  October 23 2012 | Globe & Mail

Charbonneau Commission: Some promising anti-corruption measures have already been put forward  October 23 2012 | Gazette

Accused Mob boss killer loses bid to quash corruption subpoena  October 23 2012 | CBC

Montreal engineer details 20 years of bribes: ’Bonuses’ ramped up in last decade, former senior bureaucrat says  October 23 2012 | CBC

Anti-corruption raid in Quebec banks; reports say Laval mayor targeted  October 24 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

An unsinkable mayor torpedoed by Quebec’s corruption scandals  October 24 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Quebec’s corruption inquiry witness points finger at businesses  October 24 2012 | Globe

Laval Mayor Vaillancourt to step down temporarily amid scandal  October 24 2012 | CTV

Raids against Laval mayor seek millions in cash  October 25 2012 | CBC

Mayor Tremblay says corruption happening ‘for decades’: Quebec cabinet minister says graft has become ‘cancer’ in city  October 25 2012 | CBC

Should Mayor Tremblay step down?  October 26 2012 | CBC Radio

Charbonneau Commission: Elio Pagliarulo a “disagreeable” fixture at swanky hotel  October 29 2012 | Gazette

Mayor’s former lieutenant bribed, corruption inquiry hears: Frank Zampino took $555,000 from Catanias, one-time loanshark says  October 29 2012 | CBC

Charbonneau Commission: Mayor Tremblay knew about illegal cash donations to his party, witness says: Former Union Montreal staffer tells inquiry about meeting with Tremblay at which ‘unofficial budget’ was discussed  October 30 2012 | Gazette

Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay knew about illegal spending, Quebec corruption inquiry hears  October 30 2012 | National Post

GESPRO software with inflated numbers still being used by City of Montreal  November 2 2012 | Gazette

Federal watchdog monitors Quebec corruption inquiry: Competition Bureau of Canada keeping tabs at Charbonneau inquiry November 12 2012 | CBC

‘Next time you won’t be walking away’: Contractor stood up to Mafia threats, Quebec inquiry hears  November 15 2012 | National Post

Man gunned down in Montreal North had long criminal record  November 18 2012 |  Gazette

Duchesneau on corruption  November 18 2012 | CBC

Federal tax money funded Quebec’s corrupt construction projects, probe reveals  November 26 2012 | National Post

also Inflated Quebec construction contracts got federal tax dollars  November 26 2012 | CBC

Charbonneau Commission: We took gifts but not money, inspectors say  November 26 2012 | Gazette

Rizzuto to testify at Charbonneau Commission  November 26 2012 | Gazette

Quebec’s construction inquiry scrutinizes meetings involving a federal senator  November 28 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Quebec corruption inquiry focuses on dealings at exclusive club  November 28 2012 | Globe & Mail

Drama at the Charbonneau Commission: Exclusive club centre of attention  November 28 2012 | Gazette

Charbonneau Commission looking into private club meetings  November 28 2012 | CJAD

Quebec’s corruption inquiry wraps after busy fall session  November 29 2012 | CTV

Third Quebec mayor resigns amidst corruption allegations  November 30 2012 | Globe & Mail

Corruption investigation creates ‘turbulence’ for superhospital: Public calls for more transparency at annual meeting   December 4 2012 | CBC

Protesters take stand against corruption in Quebec: Montrealers join into International Anti-Corruption Day protest  December 9 2012 | CBC

Quebec’s corruption scandal is a Canadian problem  December 10 2012 | Globe & Mail

Corruption probe shrouds Quebec in new darkness  December 11 2012 | Yahoo

3 former Quebec provincial police brass under investigation: High-ranking officers allegedly used funds inappropriately  December 12 2012 | CBC

Police raids target suspected false billing in Quebec construction industry  December 12 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Silence on Quebec corruption deafening  December 12 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Quebec developer alleges corruption sank Alberta project: Alberta town official demanded kickbacks, Quebec developer says  December 13 2012 | CBC

MUHC finances probed as deficit crisis grows  December 17 2012 | Gazette

MUHC facing $53M budget crunch  December 18 2012 | CTV

Quebec anti-corruption squad arrested 49 people, laid 177 charges in 2012  December 19 2012 | National Post

Quebec’s anti-corruption fight sparks interest in other provinces  December 19 2012 | Star

Quebec’s foundation of corruption: Allegations of kickbacks in the construction industry and illegal political financing have shocked Quebec. The inside story of the man at the centre of the storm   December 19 2012 | Macleans

Montreal’s super hospital suffering from deficit, scandals  December 19 2012 | Star

Quebec anti-corruption squad reveals big arrest totals for 2012  December 19 2012 | Yahoo

UPAC to investigate transactions MUHC  December 19 2012 | Radio Canada

After shaky beginning, Quebec corruption probe finds legitimacy  December 20 2012 | Globe & Mail

Quebec Corruption: This tale set to move into provincial arena in 2013  December 26 2012 | Province

Montreal’s corruption culture ‘needs to be wiped out,’ whistleblower says  December 27 2012 | Globe & Mail

Witness in Quebec corruption inquiry says he made up testimony  January 21 2013 | CTV

Credibility of Quebec corruption inquiry called into doubt  January 22 2012 | Star

Quebec engineer admits collecting cash for municipal parties: Michel Lalonde describes how fundraiser took 3% on all contracts  January 23 2013 | CBC

Quebec corruption inquiry: Major engineering firms, including SNC-Lavalin, were in on Quebec collusion, inquiry hears  January 24 2013 | Star

Former PQ cabinet minister to head new anti-corruption committee: Jacques Léonard is to issue recommendations by April  January 24 2013 | CBC







Strong Tory fundraising numbers belie their apparent slide in the polls  July 31 2012 | Ottawa Citizen


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