#OpProRogue: June 2012




Funding cuts threaten programs  June 30 2012 | Nanaimo Bulletin

Cross-Border Shopping Rules Hit Canadian Stores  June 30 2012 | Huffington Post

PSAC calls for transparency on service cuts as thousands more workers are told they could lose jobs  June 30 2012 | Melodika

First-Ever “State of Canada’s Birds” Report Released  June 30 2012 | Surf Birds

Government plans $50M subterranean visitors’ centre on Hill  June 29 2012 | Ottawa Hill

Quebec gives Jeffrey asbestos mine $58-million boost  June 29 2012 | Globe & Mail

Kenney defends cuts to extended health care benefits for refugees  June 29 2012 | Global

Harper Government Delivers on Commitment to Modernize Canada’s Copyright Laws  June 29 2012 | EIN PressWire

DiManno: Police services board scandalously clueless on G20 file  June 29 2012 | The Star

Harper minister ducks questions on plan to “authorize” water pollution  June 29 2012 | Postmedia

Document: Fisheries Pollution: Federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield says that changes proposed to existing environmental protection laws under the 2012 federal budget implementation bill will offer new tools to “authorize” water pollution and outsource services to protect Canada’s waterways  Postmedia

Keep Canadian emails in Canada, group says: Internet authority wants more exchange points set up to avoid detours to U.S. and other countries  June 28 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

DND hit with almost 200 more job cuts, including 88 at Petawawa  June 28 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Top 10 ways Canada has changed in the past year  June 28 2012 | Global

Study claims Tory goal of drug-free prisons will be hard to achieve  June 28 2012 | Globe & Mail

Russian observation flight plans secret: National Defence  June 28 2012 | LFP

Del Mastro donors offer to speak to Election Canada if given immunity  June 28 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

U.S. will be allowed to share Canadian border info under new privacy charter  June 28 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Beyond the Border Action Plan: Joint Statement of Privacy Principles  June 28 2012 | MarketWatch

Personal info amassed at border can end up in other country: It’s part of the perimeter security deal that is taking shape  June 28 2012 | 1130 

Statistics Canada identifies long list of programs and services affected by budget cuts  June 28 2012 | Postmedia

Charities should be even more involved in politics  June 28 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

FINGAS: Canada can’t afford Tory trade deals  June 28 2012 | Leader Post

Defence department cutting 350 more jobs, one-third in Ottawa  June 28 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Federal Job Cuts Seen As Gutting Rural Towns  June 28 2012 | Huffington Post

Matt Gurney: Tories prefer a scandal-free military to an effective one  June 28 2012 | National Post

It’s More than a Pipeline: So states Enbridge’s expensive ad blitz. Here’s what they don’t say  June 28 2012 | The Tyee

Canadians Internet users could face draconian restrictions as result of Pacific trade talks  June 27 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Union says more than 240 federal workers told they are losing jobs in Alberta  June 27 2012 | Global

Hundreds of tax evasion auditors to be axed as new round of cutbacks hits public service  June 27 2012 | iPolitics

Are Civilian Employees Supporting The Royal Canadian Navy and The RCAF Next For Job Cuts?  June 27 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Safety Agency Lays Off More Workers  June 27 2012 | Marine Link

Conservative-dominated Senate pushing through three contentious bills, fuels speculation PM intends to prorogue Parliament this fall: The majority-governing Conservatives are planning to push three of their most controversial major bills through the Senate by Friday, fuelling speculation that Prime Minister Stephen Harper intends to prorogue Parliament this fall to set out an ambitious new agenda for the period leading up to the next federal election in the fall of 2015  June 27 2012 |Hill Times

Budget cuts put rescue teams in peril long before Elliot Lake  June 27 2012 | Globe & Mail

Tories were warned about cutting funding for search-and-rescue teams  June 27 2012 | The Tyee

Omnibus II? Opposition warns they’re ready to fight another budget megabill  June 27 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Environment Canada raises alarms on chromite mining development in Ring of Fire  June 27 2012 | The Star

Canada troops not complicit in Afghan abuse, panel says  June 27 2012 | Reuters

Harper hurts science – again  June 27 2012 | iPolitics

Harper government stonewalled detainee investigation, military watchdog concludes  June 27 2012 | Globe & Mail

Report into Afghan detainee transfers clears military police: Report compares commission process to stonewalled Somalia inquiry  June 27 2012 | CBC

Complaints Commission Looking Into Afghan Detainee Issue Finds Serious Problems in Reporting, Accountability and Information Sharing in Canadian Military Police  June 27 2012 |  Ottawa Citizen

Walkom: Afghan prisoners and Ottawa’s cult of secrecy  June 27 2012 | The Star

Watchdog clears troops, slams brass in Afghan torture case  June 27 2012 | Globe & Mail

Securities regulators’ fines called ‘a farce’: $444M in penalties levied, but $285M has not been collected  June 27 2012 | CBC

Del Mastro donors produce cheques that support reimbursement allegations  June 27 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

VIA Rail cutting Halifax to Montreal service by half in October  June 27 2012 | Metro

Canada’s Via Rail to cut 200 jobs  June 27 2012 | Reuters

“Bullying” and “frequent sexual harassment” created “toxic” work environment under Brazeau: court documents allege  June 17 2012 | APTN

More disasters in the making after Elliot Lake  June 27 2012 | Globe & Mail

Canada urged to negotiate for stiffer global arms control treaty  June 27 2012 | Globe & Mail

Canada Revenue Agency to bear brunt of latest public service job cut  June 27 2012 | Times Colonist

In Harper’s crosshairs, green group opens books on foreign donors  June 26 2012 | Globe & Mail

B.C. coast guard cuts ‘fiscally responsible’: Fisheries minister defends funding decision that critic calls ‘irresponsible’  June 26 2012 | CBC

Harper government recognizes cutting scientists who monitor pollution  June 26 2012 | Postmedia

Stephen Harper doesn’t have to be a secret agent  June 26 2012 | The Star

Suicide note coverup ‘unforgivable’, colonel tells military inquiry  June 26 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

UPDATED – Access to Info Watch: Back down the rabbit-hole in search of documents that never were (Part One)  June 26 2012 | CBC

UPDATE: Rogers slashes 375 jobs: Company facing lower profits and tougher competition  June 26 2012 | The Spec

Canada’s Humiliating Entry into TPP Trade Deal. It’s a mug’s game. Late to the negotiations, we’re set up to lose big June 26 2012 | The Tyee

Youngest senator has worst attendance record of upper chamber  June 26 2012 | Global

MP Rathgeber puts squeeze on PM over $16 orange juice: Criticizes Harper cabinet over wasteful spending  June 26 2012 | Edmonton Journal

New round of federal public service cuts coming this week  June 26 2012 | CBC

In-house government analysis of public opinion surveys becoming more common  June 26 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

PMO and PCO have become indistinguishable  June 26 2012 | iPolitics

Canada and Israel Sign a New Agreement on Energy Cooperation  June 26 2012 | World News Network

‘Parks Canada is being gutted,’ former deputy minister warns  June 25 2012 | Globe & Mail

Feds admitted dangers of asbestos while fighting ‘hazardous’ label: documents  June 25 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Budget offers new tools to “authorize” water pollution, says Harper minister  June 25 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Canada Income Inequality: StatsCan Cuts Will Harm Ability To Understand Wage Gap, Observers Fear  June 25 2012 | Huffington Post

What they said about the PBO  June 25 2012 | Macleans

David Suzuki on Rio+20, “Green Economy” & Why Planet’s Survival Requires Undoing Its Economic Model  June 25 2012 | Demcoracy Now

Harper Government Rebranding: Taxpayers Spent Over $86,000 Helping Tories Rebrand Federal Government  June 24 2012 | Huffington Post

Ethical investors say federal budget creating “financial risk”  June 24 2012 | Montreal Gazette

After secret meeting with Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper slammed for being anti-Quebec  June 24 2012 | National Post

Union joins fight to save protected trees: A union representing sawmill and pulp mill workers says lifting logging restrictions is shortsighted  June 24 2012 | News 1130

Government secrecy could lay groundwork for future economic crisis, Page warns  June 24 2012 | Global

Harper government rejects economist’s prescription for financial crisis warning  June 24 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Targeting high-end mortgages more politics than protection, experts say  June 24 2012 | Globe & Mail

Walkom: At Rio 20, Canada furiously backpedals on environment  June 22 2012 | The Star

CSIS rewrites lexicon to better differentiate ‘terrorists’ from ‘sympathizers’  June 22 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Canada forced to drop plans to eavesdrop on travellers: Recording equipment in airports and other borders will now not be used following public outcry  June 22 2012 | Guardian

Spill Crisis: ‘Whatever, We’re Going Home’: Inside the Edmonton Enbridge control room that botched the worst bitumen pipeline leak ever  June 22 2012 | The Tyee

Fear of faltering Quebec fortunes prompts Harper to seek meeting with Mulroney June 22 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Lessons of Watergate: why our media should heed them  June 22 2012 | iPolitics

Canada falls out of top fifty in global freedom of information rankings  June 22 2012 | Globe & Mail

Canada ranked 51st in access to information list  June 22 2012 | The Star

NDP filibuster saves F-35 probe  June 22 2012 | Chronicle Herald

Border agency policy spells out surveillance rules: Extent of electronic monitoring at border crossings remains unclear  June 21 2012 |CBC

Del Mastro campaign checked limit before stopping cheque: Top staffer asked Elections Canada about campaign spending limit  June 21 2012 | CBC

‘Green’ money goes to pipeline, forestry and federal offices  June 21 2012 | Global

Power makes politicians stupid  June 21 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Youth are standing up for their future  June 21 2012 | The Spec

Environment Canada confused by cuts, union letter says  June 21 2012 | Postmedia

Lawyers press federal government to bring Omar Khadr back to Canada  June 21 2012 | Postmedia

Public service unions file grievance with Treasury Board over job-swapping  June 21 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Del Mastro campaign workers knew about Elections Canada probe: court documents  June 21 2012 | National Post

Syria: the Canadian army is preparing for a possible intervention  June 21 2012 | Radio Canada

Can you spare a prison cell?  June 21 2012 | Macleans

Ex-justice department bureaucrat named federal elections commissioner as major investigations continue: Commissioner of Canada Elections William Corbett announces surprise retirement  June 21 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Bill C-38 answers oil and gas lobbyist prayers  June 21 2012 | Vancouver Observer

Feds looking to put a stop to handing citizenship to babies born on Canadian soil  June 20 2012 | CKNW

Stakeholders cry foul as feds cut funding for emergency preparedness  June 20 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Budget office shouldn’t need to involve courts: OUR OPINION  June 20 2012 | Barrie Examiner

Conservatives have campaigned and governed with no regard for democracy   June 20 2012 | iPolitics

Endangered caribou, birds and frogs among animals threatened by Enbridge pipeline: documents  June 20 2012 | Postmedia

NDP, Liberals urge government to make PBO officer of Parliament — now  June 20 2012 | Postmedia

Tory MP professes ignorance of new election law breach allegations  June 20 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Tory MP denies election expense wrongdoing  June 20 2012 | Metro

Canada blamed for watered down wording in Rio+20 draft  June 20 2012 | iPolitics

Feds cut off deportation appeal avenues for immigrants convicted of crimes  June 20 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

‘We’ll send you packing,’ Kenney tells foreign criminals  June 20 2012 | CTV

Canada’s digital future at risk as Ottawa joins Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement  June 20 2012 | Rabble

Canadian Military vehicle carrying explosives on fire north of Edmonton  June 20 2012 | Global TV

Canada: Environmental Loser at Home and Abroad  June 20 2012 | Huffington Post

UPDATE: Lunney expands on criticism of coast guard cuts  June 19 2012 | Nanaimo Bulletin

Canada’s dirty laundry exposed at Rio  June 19 2012 | Metro

Private Prison Group Quits Mississippi, Heads North  June 19 2012 | In These Times

Prison firm abandons Mississippi amid lawsuits and scathing federal study: Government finds staff misconduct at Walnut Grove among the ‘worst that we have seen in any facility anywhere in the nation’  June 19 2012 | Guardian

Private prison companies look to Canada as industry faces lawsuits in US: US states are beginning to rely less on privately run prisons, but Canada may be a land of opportunity for the two biggest firms  June 19 2012 | Guardian

Relevant: Punishment For Sale: Deeply Rooted in Conservative Politics, GEO Knocks on Harper Government’s Door

We need answers from Harper about the Trans-Pacific Partnership June 19 2012 | Rabble

Etobicoke Centre polls showed spike in voter registrations: Supreme Court to hear appeal of judge’s decision to toss out election result July 10  June 19 2012 | CBC

PMO backs bodyguard cited for intimidation  June 19 2012 | Metro

ERCB responding to Enbridge Pipeline pumping station release  June 19 2012 | Government of Alberta

Alberta hit by new oil spill on Enbridge pipeline  June 19 2012 | Globe & Mail

Third pipeline leak in Alberta in three weeks  June 19 2012 | The Tyee

Enbridge Elk Point Spill Pumps About 230,000 Litres Of Heavy Crude  June 19 2012 | Huffington Post

Baird accuses budget watchdog of overstepping bounds: Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird criticizes parliamentary budget officer  June 19 2012 | CBC

Toews orders halt to airport eavesdropping: Minister reverses course one day after defending audio-monitoring plan in question period  June 19 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Jesse Kline: If the CBSA wants to eavesdrop on us, we should be able to record them June 19 2012 | National Post

G20: Canada to join Pacific Region trade agreement, sources say  June 19 2012 | The Star

Octogenarian battles JTF 2 over farm: Despite an emotional appeal, the feds are buying Frank Meyers’ 200-year-old farm for a top-secret training ground  June 18 2012 | Macleans

Carleton’s $15M political school has secret funding deal: University has until Tuesday to explain refusal to release full donor agreement under freedom-of-information law  June 19 2012 | CBC

Budget bill should be called the Lobbyists’ Bill, it’s a gift for oil and gas lobbyists: Drafted in secret, frog-marched on closure, its provisions hidden from voters in the last campaign, the bill reads like it was ghostwritten at the Calgary Petroleum Club. It puts Canada dead last among G8 countries in environmental protection  June 18 2012 | Hill Times

Canada wants to hold on to fossil fuel subsidies, leaked document reveals: Sustainable development group calls news ‘heartbreaking’ ahead of Earth Summit  June 18 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Release soldier suicide documents or face Federal Court challenge, inquiry chairman tells MacKay  June 18 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa’s plans to eavesdrop on travellers appall privacy commissioner  June 18 2012 | The Star

Canada’s international reputation slipping under Stephen Harper  June 18 2012 | Yahoo

Federal foot-dragging on an airport cleanup  June 18 2012 | The Spec

Canada, Spain among countries asking Google to engage in censorship  June 18 2012 | Macleans

Europe to Canada: Don’t lecture us: Harper tight-lipped about Canada’s bid to join Pacific trade talks  June 18 2012 | CBC

Three EU countries would fail to qualify for Kenney’s ‘safe’ country list  June 18 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Kent says Canada still plans to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies  June 18 2012 | Postmedia

Liberal MPs accused of making Nazi salutes  June 18 2012 | Observer

Canada wins appeal over wheat board monopoly  June 18 2012 | Reuters

Federal appeal court quashes wheat board ruling  June 18 2012 | CBC

Truscott: Alberta depends on temporary foreign workers  June 18 2012 | Calgary Herald

Omnibus bill ‘not the way to conduct Parliament:’ Turner  June 18 2012 | CTV

The Commons: ‘Why is the PM showing his own MPs such blatant disrespect?’  June 18 2012 | Macleans

Memorandum Opinion For the Parliamentary Budget Officer  PDF File – June 18 2012 | ParliamentGC.ca

Legal opinion backs watchdog on budget information request: Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page was ignored by 64 departments  June 18 2012 | CBC

Tories breaking law over spending cuts secrecy, say lawyers  June 18 2012 | The Star

Kevin Page, Budget Watchdog, Accuses Government Of Breaking Law With Budget Secrecy   June 18 2012 | Huffington Post

Kevin Page, PBO, says government in breach of Parliament of Canada Act  June 18 2012 | Moncton Free Press

Budget watchdog puts legal weight behind push for Tories to detail cuts  June 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

Feds brush off budget watchdog’s legal opinion on government secrecy  June 18 2012 | Global

Canada One of Few Countries Blocking Agreement on Protecting High Seas Marine Diversity at Rio + 20  January 18 2012 | MarketWire

“Canada is better than this”: doctors protest against cuts to refugee health  June 18 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Refugee health cuts: Nationwide physicians’ protest draws 500 in Toronto  June 18 2012 | The Star

Doctors protest ‘disastrous’ cuts to refugee health: ’Canada is way better than this,’ says one doctor at Parliament Hill rally  June 18 2012 | CBC

Canada’s nurses show resounding support to protect refugee health benefits  June 18 2012 | CNW

National day of action against cuts to refugee health care  June 18 2012 | Rabble

If Doctors Don’t Speak Up For Refugees’ Health, Who Will?  June 18 2012 | Huffington Post

Conservatives Must Reverse Irresponsible Cuts to Refugee Healthcare  June 18 2012 | 4 Traders

Canadian Income Unchanged for Third Consecutive Year  June 18 2012 | Business Review

MP Del Mastro may be brought before ethics committee: Liberal MP wants Conservative questioned on 2008 election spending  June 18 2012 | CBC

NDP may not back motion to study Dean Del Mastro spending: Liberals want Conservative MP questioned on 2008 election spending    June 18 2012 | CBC

Del Mastro, step aside  June 18 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Rio+20: Canada wants to keep oil-sector subsidies  June 18 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

The birth of a banana republic  June 18 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Canada’s aboriginal affairs minister expresses disappoinment at blocked treaty vote  June 18 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Despite economic growth, job gains, family incomes remain stagnant  June 18 2012  | Global

Airport eavesdropping plan alarms federal privacy watchdog  June 18 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa to eavesdrop on travellers entering/exiting Canada  June 18 2012 | The Star

Eavesdropping at border crossings has critics up in arms  June 18 2012 | CTV

UN agency sounds alarm on Canadian law as number of refugees surges  June 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

Quebec, Ottawa bite back after UN rights commissioner singles out province’s Bill 78  June 18 2012 | The Spec

Ottawa scoffs at UN rights chief’s criticism of Quebec protest law  June 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

Refugees left out in the cold by Canada: An overhauled health plan means limited care for refugees  June 17 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Canada Will Spy on People, Politely  June 17 2012 | The Atlantic

First time: U.N. puts Canada on human rights watchlist over Quebec demo law  June 17 2012 | UN Watch

Advance Copy: Pillay’s 18 June Address to UN Human Rights Council June 17 2012 | UN Watch

Anti-protest law lands Canada on UN human rights watch list  June 18 2012 | RT

Protest in Mexico over G20 priorities  June 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

The Energy Conversation Canada Needs  June 18 2012 | The Tyee

Don’t defund freshwater research, Ontario and Manitoba tell Tories  June 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

How Canada’s governments hide information  June 17 2012 | Fraser Institute

Government Announces New Program to Enhance National Security  June 17 2012 | MarketWatch

Canadian Safety and Security Program Established – Focus is on Natural Disasters, Counter-Terrorism and Crime  June 17 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

National Post editorial board: A bad Tory habit  June 17 2012 | National Post

Harper on Europe: moral support, but no new money for eurozone bailout  June 17 2012 | Postmedia

Feds flagged Enbridge project for inadequate oil spill response plan: document  June 17 2012 | Calgary Herald

Pipeline leak near Sundre takes toll on Gateway project: Opponents point to spill, warn of risks  June 17 2012 | Calgary Herald

Harper’s chief of staff takes lead on Trans-Pacific talks, irking cabinet members  June 16 2012 | Glove & Mail

Relevant: 404 Power Profile: Nigel S. Wright – F-35, Hawker Beechcraft, Onex & Chief of Staff on Loan

Science, not politics, should be at the heart of fisheries  June 16 2012 | Globe & Mail

Employees linked to cousin’s company each gave $1,000 to Del Mastro campaign  June 16 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Carleton U ordered to explain blackout on $15 M donation to politics school  June 16 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Oligarchs hijack democracy  June 16 2012 | The Star

Tories’ tactic can backfire  June 16 2012 | Star Phoenix

Strippers ready to go underground  June 16 2012 | Toronto Sun

Household debt keeps Canadians on the edge  June 16 2012 | Calgary Herald

Supreme Court of Canada orders more cash for historic sites  June 16 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Rio+20: Canada shielding fossil fuel subsidies at Earth Summit  June 16 2012 | Postmedia

Canadian airports being wired with listening equipment that ‘will record conversations’: CBSA  June 16 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Web-only presence for RCI a shortsighted decision, says American broadcast expert  June 16 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Radio Canada International: Cabinet Cuts Protection For CBC’s Shortwave Radio Service  June 15 2012 | Huffington Post

Ottawa airport wired with microphones as Border Services prepares to record travellers’ conversations  June 15 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Kelly McParland: Parks Canada told to stick to the bears and leave out the politics  June 15 2012 | National Post

Canada awarded dubious distinction at Rio talks for sustainable development  June 15 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Canada’s household debt burden rises to record high  June 15 2012 | The Star

Peter Kent says budget bill to eliminate thousands of environmental assessments  June 15 2012 | Postmedia

Will Bill C-38 offload fisheries to the provinces?  June 15 2012 | West Coast Environmental Law

U.S. government spending watchdog raises more red flags about F-35′s soaring costs, delays and major failures  June 15 2012 | Hill Times

Conservatives draw fire for War of 1812 spending: Harper government praised for celebrating past, but also questioned  June 15 2012 | CBC

Canada: The world’s newest petrostate isn’t playing nice anymore  June 15 2012 | Foreign Policy

Del Mastro lawyer wants meeting with Elections Canada: Agency wants Tory MP cautioned his statement could be used against him, lawyer says  June 15 2012 | CBC

Embattled MP Dean Del Mastro continues to face calls to step down  June 15 2012 | Postmedia

‘Take it outside,’ Tories ask Liberal who accused Dean Del Mastro of filing forged documents  June 15 2012 | National Post

Canada’s immigration minister, Jason Kenney, shouts for a living  June 15 2012 | The Star

Stephen Harper and the tyranny of majority government  June 15 2012 | Globe & Mail

Former Harper staffer cited for lobbying under prohibition: Breach of lobbyists’ code of conduct carries no penalty   June 15 2012 | CBC

Omnibus budget Bill C-38 survives marathon voting session  June 15 2012 | The Star

Canada’s omnibus bill: 24 hours of voting, and nothing to show for it: Canadian politicians debate 800 amendments, stand for 159 votes that are all defeated  June 15 2012 | Global Post

Pipeline spills are not the exception in Alberta, they are an oily reality: Since 2006, province’s pipelines have spilled the equivalent of almost 28 million litres of oil  June 14 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Research facility price tag? $1: NDP calls sale fiscally reckless  Winnipeg Free Press | June 14 2012

Canada upside-down  June 14 2012 | Vancouver Observer

Ottawa loses legal battle over immigration backlog  June 14 2012 | The Star

Federal documents reveal clash between Enbrdige, DFO  June 14 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Parks Canada staff banned from criticizing Feds: Workers told they have ‘duty’ to support Harper government  June 14 2012 | CBC

Harper defends Del Mastro over campaign expense allegations  June 14 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Supreme Court to interrupt summer break to hear tossed election case  June 14 2012 | Globe & Mail

Elections Canada alleges Del Mastro campaign filed ‘false document’  June 14 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Dean Del Mastro campaign filed ‘false document’ to Elections Canada: sworn affidavit  June 14 2012 | National Post

MP Del Mastro bank records turned over to Elections Canada: 2 previous production orders tracked $21,000 cheque and money transfers  June 14 2012 | CBC

Expert Panel: “Canadian Constitution a Mess Ripe for Abuse”  June 14 2012 | PFP

Former Conservative cabinet minister Chuck Strahl to head spy watchdog  June 14 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Transport watchdog flags air, train and marine safety issues  June 14 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Government sustains first dent in Que. corruption inquiry  June 14 2012 | CTV

Feds favour “responsible” growth in oilsands over sustainability: Documents  June 14 2012 | Postmedia

Two-tier system unpardonable  June 14 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Watchdog notes economy’s imbalance: Signs of ‘Dutch Disease’ highlighted as Alberta thrives while East struggles  June 14 2012 | Times Colonist

OECD sees signs of Dutch Disease affecting non resource provinces in Canada  June 14 2012  | P.E. Guardian

Harper gets ‘reality check’: Feds will pay ‘high cost’ to meet 2020 emission targets  June 14 2012 | The Province

Auditor general chastises Commons, Senate for poor accounting  June 14 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Hume: Pipeline spills are not the exception in Alberta, they are an oily reality: Since 2006, province’s pipelines have spilled the equivalent of almost 28 million litres of oil  June 13 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Canada is ‘back’ on the world stage? Hardly June 13 2012 | Globe & Mail

Canada’s biggest risks to economy are internal, OECD warns  June 13 2012 | Calgary Herald

Canada falling well short of its climate change targets, report says   June 13 2012 | The Star

Emissions target won’t be met without action, panel argues: Canada on pace to get only halfway to reduction target by 2020  June 13 2012 | CBC

Tories treating Parliament with contempt, ‘playing games to avoid scrutiny,’ says Queen’s professor Franks  June 13 2012 | Hill Times

Andrew Coyne: Voting endlessly oddly appropriate way to protest abuse of Parliament  June 13 2012 | National Post

Robert Fonberg and Other Deputy Ministers to Oversee Fighter Procurement Plan  June 13 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Audit to expose House and Senate spending June 13 2012 | Macleans

Unusually defensive Kenney lashes out at media  June 13 2012 | Postmedia

Federal job losses in P.E.I. will cost province $60M: report  June 13 2012 | P.E. Guardian

Canada will muddle along despite itself, OECD says  June 13 2012 | Postmedia

Lawyers, law professors sound off against budget bill June 12 2012 | Ecojustice

Harper government targeted artist for her green conscience, internal documents reveal  June 12 2012 | Vancouver Observer

The tale of 2012′s omnibus budget bill  June 12 2012 | Globe & Mail

Conservatives breaking record for stifling Commons debate: NDP  June 12 2012 | Postmedia

Budget cuts threaten federal green plan for oilsands and coal: scientist  June 12 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Tim Harper: Federal budget 2012: More subterfuge hidden inside The Trojan Horse bill  June 12 2012 | The Star

Parliament Hill bracing for AG’s report on politicians’ spending  June 12 2012 | The Province

Canada, bowing to oil companies, fires ocean scientists  June 12 2012 | People’s World

Calgary’s Global Petroleum Show attracts thousands June 12 2012 | CBC

Public will see F-35 cost estimates after independent analysis: Ambrose  June 12 2012 | The Tyee

Canada dismisses U.S. concern over fake Chinese military parts  June 12 2012 | CBC

Ottawa plans to delay F-35 cost disclosure  June 12 2012 | Globe & Mail

Tories tried to limit RCMP’s apology to Robert Pickton victims  June 12 2012 | Postmedia

‘Ethically challenged ethics spokesperson’ Dean Del Mastro faces more Question Period heat  June 12 2012 | National Post

Canadian employers’ hiring plans lowest in two years, survey finds  June 12 2012  | The Star

Bill C-31: Empowering Jason Kenney, endangering refugees   June 12 2012 | Rabble

U.S. Chamber supports Canada’s efforts to join free trade talks with Asia  June 12 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

India, Canada sign MoU on road transportation, safety: MoU to facilitate exchange of technical expertise in infrastructure, operation & maintenance of roads, Intelligent Transport System  June 12 2012 |  Business Standard

Sundre spill should not affect oilsands: politicians: Local politicians confident region will not suffer from negative image after southern pipeline leak  June 12 2012 | Fort McMurray Today

Canada offers natural resources to India to boost ties  June 11 2012 | Deccan Herald

PM’s ongoing challenge is keeping his ‘ironclad’ national caucus unity  June 11 2012 | Hill Times

Order paper answer sheds light on government’s knowledge of F-35 cost  June 11 2012 | iPolitics

People Of Nunavut Tired Of Paying $30 For Coffee, $65/lb. For Chicken  June 11 2012 | Consumerist

Records show work not listed on Del Mastro`s election spending report: source  June 11 2012 | Postmedia

5 Questions About Dean Del Mastro’s Election Spending  June 11 2012 | Huffington Post

Feds plan to limit debate twice on sweeping omnibus budget bill this week: The federal government plans to limit debate twice this week to ram its sweeping omnibus budget bill through the Commons by Friday  June 11 2012 | Hill Times

Nunavut food prices: $104 for 24 bottles of water, $18 for peanut butter  June 11 2012 | APTN

‘Embarrassment to gov’t’ considered security threat at G20 summit: documents  June 10 2012 | Postmedia

Oil in a day’s work at Calgary’s Global Petroleum Show  June 10 2012 | Sun

Refugee bill set to clear Commons  June 10 2012 | Postmedia

Walkom: Is Stephen Harper’s global military policy delusional or just plain mad?  June 8 2012 | The Star

Ottawa company lands $1.25B armoured vehicle contract: Textron Systems Canada Inc. will supply Canadian Forces with 500 new vehicles  June 8 2012 | CBC

Relevant:  404 Power Profile: TEXTRON | 404 System Error

Bill C-304: Hate Speech Clause’s Repeal Gives White Supremacists Rare Moment Of Glee  June 8 2012 | Huffington Post

MP Del Mastro’s election returns leave questions swirling: Robocalls defender at centre of election spending allegations  June 7 2012 | CBC

A year on, still no decision on who pays for oilsands environmental monitoring  June 7 2012 | Postmedia

Environment advisory panel’s closure ‘dumb,’ Harper told: Government needs advice of smart people, not ‘cheerleaders,’ panel member says  June 7 2012 | CBC

Attitude on torture strains relations between Ottawa and UN panel  June 7 2012 | Globe & Mail

Charter celebration plan rejected by federal government: Instead Heritage Minister James Moore opted for press release on 30th anniversary  June 7 2012 | CBC

Vivian Krause’s Board of Trade event sponsored by mining companies  June 7 2012 | Metro

MP Gordon O’Connor is urged to vote against controversial omnibus bill  June 7 2012 | EMC

Senator to Harper Government: Stop ‘Slandering’ Charities  June 7 2012 | The Tyee

Harper forcing privatization on municipalities through PPP Canada  June 7 2012 | Public Values

Hébert: Five problem cases in cabinet that Harper must fix  June 6 2012 | The Star

Earth’s biosphere is edging toward planet-wide systems collapse, academics say  June 6 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Tories unveil plan to fight ‘evil’ human trafficking: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews commits $25M over 4 years for plan  June 6 2012 | CBC

Protester sues ‘This ain’t Canada’ cop after York police board refuses to charge him  June 6 2012 | The Star

Davos Limo Ride Cost $20,000, But don’t Expect An Apology From Tory Government  June 6 2012 | Huffington Post

Tensions Rise Over Another International Agreement – CETA  June 6 2012 | ZeroPaid 

Atlantic premiers band together against Ottawa’s EI ‘void’  June 6 2012 | Globe & Mail

Tough austerity measures still needed in Europe, says Harper  June 6 2012 | Postmedia

Japan knocking on pact’s door  June 6 2012 | Times

UN tourism body says Canada quit more than two weeks before Mugabe issue arose. Baird’s office: ‘Last straw’ prompting him to finalize exit  June 6 2012 | Embassy 

John Baird vs. The UN June 6 2012 | Macleans

Tory MP wants Baird to consider yanking Canada out of UN  June 6 2012 | Globe & Mail

Earth reaching an environmental ‘state shift’: Report  June 6 2012 | Postmedia

Alberta gets anti-terrorism boost: National network expands into province  June 6 2012 | Edmonton Journal

RCMP launches anti-terrorism squad in Alberta: Counter-terrorism program prompted by growing population, oil and gas  June 6 2012 | CBC

Relevant: Counter-terrorism unit protecting the energy industry

Canada Needs to Act Fast to Secure Energy Future with Asia, Finds Energy Taskforce Report  June 6 2012 | Business Review

Relevant: 404 Power Profile: Asia Pacific Foundation – Focus: Oil

Quebec politician arrested at student protest says he’s inspired by Gandhi, Dr. King  June 6 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Amir Khadir arrested, our democracy under siege  June 6 2012 | Rabble

Canada must do more to stop torture  June 6 2012 | Globe & Mail

Did Veterans Affairs privacy breach probe breach privacy?: Privacy commissioner found sharing records violated the law, but internal report cleared bureaucrats  June 5 2012 | CBC

Harper v. Canada: 2011 election scandal brings scrutiny to PM’s controversial past  June 5 2012 | Vancouver Observer

MacKay racks up $47K for F-35 photo op  June 5 2012 | iPolitics

Lies, damn lies and Vic Toews  June 5 2012 | Rabble

Elections Canada budgets $585K for robocalls probe  June 5 2012 | CBC

Bill C38 is a 3D disaster  June 5 2012 | Intelligencer

Conservatives blasted over collapse of Canada First defence plan  June 5 2012 | Postmedia

Canada’s military hunting for seven new foreign bases  June 5 2012  | The Star

Harper pressures MPs to vote against motion on when life begins  June 5 2012 | London Free Press

Tories under fire for pulling plug on freshwater-research funding  June 5 2012 | Globe & Mail

Enbridge Not Positioned to Pay for Gateway Oil Spill: Report  June 5 2012 | The Tyee

Vancouver Oil Sands Tanker Spill Could Cause Evacuation Nightmare   June 4 2012 | The Tyee

‘To allow C-38 to masquerade as a legitimate omnibus bill will bring our institutions into greater disrepute’  June 4 2012 | Macleans

What on Earth Is Happening to Canada? Answer: Black Out Speak Out  June 4 2012 | Huffington Post

Canada’s pipeline a pipe dream? Plans to tap new markets by carrying oil from energy-rich region of Alberta through pipelines face host of hurdles  June 4 2012 | Al Jazeera

May Rises on Bill C-38 Point of Order  June 4 2012 | GPC

Canada’s crude a global concern  June 4 2012 | UPI

Long-term effect of DFO budget cuts still unclear: Federal Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield spoke in Dartmouth Monday  June 4 2012 | CBC

Native groups angry at ‘snub’ from new federal hunting-fishing panel  June 4 2012 | Postmedia

As web sites go dark, ministers sell Tory vision of resource exploitation  June 4 2012 | Times Colonist

What is Harper Afraid Of?  Vimeo by Franke James

Cabinet ministers counter green groups’ ‘black out’  June 4 2012 | Postmedia

Grassy Narrows, White Dog First Nations Mercury Poisonings Still A Problem, Says Expert Masazumi Harada  June 4 2012 | Huffington Post

Mercury poisoning effects continue at Grassy Narrows: Mercury dumping halted in 1970 but symptoms persist  June 4 2012 | CBC

MacKay’s staff chastised military brass over lack of support: Emails reveal minister’s staff unhappy with military’s silence over Cormorant controversy  June 4 2012 | CBC

Unmanned patrol boats on the navy’s radar, says defence minister: Peter MacKay says ‘roboships’ increase the military’s reach with less risk  June 4 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Conservative government knew last year it couldn’t afford billions in defence spending: documents  June 4 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Ontario privacy complaints hit new record in 2011, commissioner reports  June 4 2012 | IT Business

Privacy Commissioner’s Annual Report Slams Lawful Access  June 4 2012 | Open Media

Mourning the loss of a tradition of transparency  June 4 2012 | Canadian Lawyer Magazine

Baird memo blames ‘disingenuous’ think-tank for own demise  June 4 2012 | CBC

Insurance Bureau of Canada releases new research report  June 4 2012 | Northumberland

Conservatives to revise $490B defence spending plan: Canada First Defence Strategy features a laundry list of ships, tanks and planes  June 4 2012 | CBC

Harper, Tory MPs challenge Kent on climate science, letters reveal  June 3 2012 | Edmonton Journal

Feds suggest U.S. EPA could replace Canadian pollution team  June 3 2012 | Postmedia

Liberals upset with Tories over weekend tactics in disputed riding  June 3 2012 | Postmedia

UN slams Canada’s security practices  June 3 2012 | Times Colonist

2012 Bilderberg participants

Relevant: 404 Power Profile: Nigel S. Wright – F-35, Hawker Beechcraft, Onex & Chief of Staff on Loan – draft

MacKay defends drone attacks, says technology reduces civilian causalities  June 3 2012 | Globe & Mail

Canada seeks to establish military post in Singapore: In support of U.S. ‘pivot to the Pacific,’ MacKay says  June 2 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Relevant: On Canada, Drones, Libya, and recent focus on the Pacific…

Canada exposes citizens to risk of torture, rights violations: UN report  June 2 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Canada defends the use of military drone attacks  June 2 2012 | Seattle PI

Canada accused of ‘complicity’ in torture in UN report: UN body says changes to Canada’s immigration laws risk human rights violations June 1 2012 | CBC

Harper, Tory MPs challenge Peter Kent on climate science   June 2 2012 | Postmedia

Harper’s new deal for Atlantic Canada  June 2 2012 | Chronicle Herald

UN Slams Canada’s Treatment of Mentally Ill Prisoners  June 1 2012 | University Of Toronto Faculty of Law

Relevant:  Harper government’s sense of entitlement also applies to torture

Relevant:  #OpProRogue Part IX: The Case of Torture & Harper Government’s Multi-Million Dollar Secrecy

Relevant: Government of Canada vs. Torture

Relevant: Canada: Not condoning torture yet…

CETA casino greets FCM delegates: Local governments urged not to gamble with Canada-EU trade deal  June 1 2012 | Council of Canadians

Second big oil and water spill in Alberta this year  June 1 2012 | Sun

Relevant: Alberta Oil Spill: Politics of environmental destruction needs to be brought back to public debate

Oda’s Travel Expenses Cause Dissent In Tory Caucus  June 1 2012 | Huffington Post

Budget cuts threaten access to information, watchdog says  May 31 2012 | CBC

Drones Over Canada: Ottawa Considering Purchase Of Aircraft For Arctic Surveillance  May 30 2012 | Huffington Post

MP Stewart releases map of pipeline route in Burnaby-Douglas  May 29 2012 | BCLocal

Military prepares for ‘unlikely’ nuclear incident  May 21 2012 | Chronicle Herald



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