#OpProRogue: May 2012

Why #OpProrogue? 

Oda repays taxpayers for five years worth of expenses  June 1 2012 | Toronto Sun

Project Kanishka for research into counter-terrorism launched  June 1 2012 | Can-India

Harper’s hunting panel includes groups backed by foreign money  June 1 2012 | Postmedia

Another Canadian on U.S. death row fights to stay alive  June 1 2012 | Postmedia

Mexico wants to increase temporary workers in Canada  May 31 2012 | CBC

Embattled aid minister refuses to explain tinkering with expense claims  May 31 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Canada’s Doctors Urge Health Impact Assessment for all Federal Policies  May 31 2012 | CNW via Digital Journal

Mercury contaminating bird eggs in oilsands region: Environment Canada  May 31 2o12 | Postmedia

Cuts put access-to-information gains at risk, watchdog warns  May 31 2012 | Globe & Mail

Problems remain in info access: Watchdog  May 31 2012 | LFP

Minister Ambrose Announces Launch of Industry Consultations for the Email Transformation Initiative  May 31 2012 | Daily Commercial News

CAW Economist Debunks “Myth” of Labour Shortage, Says True Unemployment Rate is Over 12 Per cent  May 31 2012 | CNW

Canada and the United States announce air cargo security improvements  May 31 2012 | CNW

Spill sends 22,000 barrels of oil mix into Alberta muskeg  May 30 2012 |  Globe & Mail

NDP says it’s ‘criminal’ feds want to shut down F-35 House probe; NDP MP Christopherson calls Grit MP Byrne a ‘dishonourable crybaby’ for leaking story to The Hill Times  May 31 2012 | The Hill Times

Troubled waters: Canada and the South China Sea  May 31 2012 | Globe & Mail

United Nations expresses concern over freedom of assembly in Quebec  May 30 2012 | Rabble

Voter calls, process top election watchdog’s priorities  May 29 2012 | CTV

Canada’s climate change likely greater than global average: IBC research  May 30 2012 | Canadian Underwriter

Tory politics exclusive, not inclusive  May 30 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

MacKay, Natynczyk set to skip arms trade show. Donaldson, Paradis, Ambrose, Jenkins set to give CANSEC speeches; Fantino expected to attend May 30 2012 | Embassy

Canada’s Way Forward in Improving and Leveraging Procurement  May 30 2012 | Daily Commercial News

Military calls on industry to help it beef up cyber-warfare capabilities  May 30 2012 | Ottawa Business Journal

New report backs up Mulcair’s claim Canada’s economy suffers from Dutch Disease  May 31 2012 | Global News

Ottawa won’t reveal budget cut details  May 30 2012 | Chronicle Herald

Conservatives Don’t Mind Eating Their Young  May 29 2012 | Parallel Parliament

Government of Canada Announces Three New Research Networks Focusing on Elderly Care, Biofuels and Marine Environment  May 30 2012 | Daily Commecial News

Enbridge launches multimillion-dollar ad campaign to combat B.C. pipeline opposition  May 30 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Raitt calls for voluntary return hours after ordering CP Rail back to work  May 30 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Fisheries Act changes questioned by former ministers: Bi-partisan letter expresses concerns about omnibus budget bill  May 29 2012 | CBC

Unions are powerless to Harper government’s anti-labour stance  May 28 2012 | Yahoo News

West Block’s $863-million renovation on time and within budget, says Public Works  May 28 2012 | The Hill Times

Containment underway on ‘significant’ oil leak in northwestern Alberta near B.C. border  May 25 2012 | Vancouver Sun

C-38: Repealing the Fair Wages Act  May 25 2012 | Macleans

Federal budget’s deep cuts getting deeper  May 29 2012 | Chronicle Herald

Disabled Vets pleased with Government of Canada decision to not appeal SISIP ruling  May 29 2012 | CNW

Feds announce new expert panel to guide Ottawa on global trade strategy  May 29 2012 | Postmedia

Canadian poverty has ‘child’s face:’ UNICEF report finds Canada lags others May 30 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

F-35 committee probe stalled, shutting down soon? Opposition MPs fight Conservative motion to stop hearing witnesses at public accounts committee  May 29 2012 | CBC

Census shows spike in seniors, increasing East-West labour gap  May 29 2012 | Globe & Mail

West Block’s $863-million renovation on time and within budget, says Public Works  May 28 2012 | The Hill Times

Tories table back-to-work legislation for CP rail  May 28 2012 | MJTimes

Teamsters will protest on Parliament Hill May 28 2012 | Teamsters Canada Rail

Opposition aims to disrupt passage of omnibus Tory budget bill  May 28 2012 | Globe & Mail

Tory ministers crash budget hearing, leaving little time for questions  May 17 2012  | Globe & Mail

Federal government orders end to CP Rail strike  Updated  May 28 2012 | CTV

Liberals team up with Green chief in bid to stall Tory budget bill  May 28 2012 | Globe & Mail

Canada’s Telecom Companies Have a Big Secret  May 22 2012 | Huffington Post

Harper is right: Foreign radicals are after the oil sands  May 26 2012 | Globe & Mail

Bill C-38 protest has 13,000 websites going dark across Canada this June  May 26 2012 | Yahoo News

A quarter of defeated Tory candidates landed public jobs after election: analysis  May 27 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

MacKay: EI changes don’t target seasonal workers  May 25 2012 | Chronicle Herald

G20 senior commander facing misconduct charges for ordering U of T mass arrest  May 26 2012 | Toronto Star

Budget cut overkill? Canada axes entire marine pollution program  May 25 2012 | MSNBC

Federal agency quarantines third salmon farm in B.C. in two weeks  May 25 2012 | Yahoo News

War hero to PM: Know your extremists  May 26 2012 | Time Colonist

Burnaby MP releases Kinder Morgan pipeline route map  May 26 2012 | Province

Opinion: Canada’s mass firing of ocean scientists brings ‘silent summer’  Environmental Health News

G20 police illegally arrested journalists, used gay slur  May 25 2012 | CBC

Budget bill gives Harper cabinet free hand on environmental assessments  May 9 2012 | Globe & Mail

Ottawa moves to limit foreign investment reviews: Federal government to start limiting its reviews of foreign investment over next four years  May 25 2012 | CBC

Embattled managers at Veterans Affairs received almost $700k in bonuses last year  May 25 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Head of Nunavut Impact Review Board not re-appointed: Lucassie Arragutainaq served as chair for four years  May 25 2012 |  CBC

Feds to cut air pollution monitoring team  May 25 2012 | Postmedia

BC Law Could Keep Farm Outbreaks Hidden  May 24 2012 | CTV

Walkom: EI changes driven by contempt and ideology  May 25 2012 | Toronto Star

Recycling conspiracy theory on Elections Canada raid of Conservative Party HQ  May 25 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Employment Insurance review boards to be scrapped: 74-member tribunal to replace 1,000 part-time board members  May 25 2012 | CBC

RCMP to close labs in Halifax, Winnipeg, Regina: Forensic laboratories in Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa will be expanded  May 25 2012 | CBC

Leona Aglukkaq admits poverty, hunger problems in the North, but maintains criticism of UN  May 23 2012 | Toronto Star

Conservatives move again to have robocalls suits tossed: Party urges court to dismiss lawsuits by ‘professional agitators’  May 25 2012 | CBC

Bureaucrats who keep jobs still get fat severance cheques  May 24 2012 | LFP

Baird defends support of Israel, offers few details on religious freedom office  May 24 2012 | Global

Toronto legal clinic seeks to save federal long-gun registry  May 24 2012 | Toronto Star

F-35 debate: Canadian firms will lose out if government ditches jets: Lockheed Martin  May 24 2012 | Postmedia

Tories denounce Council of Canadians in bid to squash voter suppression lawsuits  May 24 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

How Harper’s hardline on labour disputes hurts business in Canada  May 24 2012 | Financial Post

EI Reform: Unemployed Canadians face crackdown under federal changes   May 24 2012 | Toronto Star

Amnesty International Cites Canada’s Refusal To Arrest George W. Bush In Human Rights Report  May 23 2012 | Huffington Post

Dunderdale fears EI changes could harm rural workers  May 24 2012 | CBC

Keystone pipeline opponents file lawsuit in Nebraska  May 23 2012 | CTV

Law stripping voting rights from Canadian ex-pats unconstitutional, legal challenge argues  May 22 2012 | National Post

Barred from voting, long-term expat Canadians fight five-year rule  May 23 2012 | Global News

Calls misleading: Conservatives want to block the challenge of their election  May 23 2012 | Radio-Canada

Canadian privacy law and U.S. companies doing business with Canadians  May 15 2012 | Nixon Peabody

Quebec Student Group Fights Bill 78  May 21 2012 | Huffington Post

EI recipients expected to accept work within an hour’s drive  May 22 2012 |  Globe & Mail

Conservatives ask court to dismiss election case: Party submits application to dismiss request for judicial review in wake of robocalls allegations  May 22 2012 | CBC

Conservatives change law on protecting fish habitat  May 9 2012 | Burnaby Now 

EI recipients expected to accept work within an hour’s drive  May 22 2012 | Globe & Mail

Government not tracking removal of cancer-causing asbestos from federal buildings  May 21 2012 | Postmedia

Drones Over Canada: Air Force To Conduct More Test flights As Legal Expert Warns Of Implications  May 4 2012 | Huffington Post

Ottawa sinks pollution checks: Cuts at Institute for Ocean Sciences; some work will go to private sector   May 20 2012 | Times Colonist

Forget tuition fees: If anything calls for a riot, it’s Harper’s stealth governance  May 19 2012 | Globe & Mail

Tories may appeal judge’s decision to order new byelection in Etobicoke Centre  May 18 2012 | Postmedia

Budget legislation riddled with unwelcome surprises May 17 2012 | Toronto Star

EI changes still under wraps but details coming ‘soon’  May 18 2012 | CBC

Harper government pilloried in Commons over pension report ‘coverup  May 18 2012 | Postmedia

Canada’s four most expensive contaminated sites: Contaminated soil, radioactive waste puts groundwater in jeopardy  May 8 2012 | CBC

Harper government funded study arguing Canada suffers from ‘Dutch Disease’  May 18 2012 | Winnpeg Free Press

Supreme Court justice retires, giving Harper chance to appoint majority  May 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

An Open Letter to the World on the Governmental Destruction of the Environment in Canada  May 18 2012 | Deciphering Science

Canada must do more to end torture, says Amnesty International   May 17 2012 | Amnesty International

Parliament Hill reno spending rises to nearly $600 million this year  May 18 2012 | Postmedia

Fisheries cuts could claim 29 N.B. jobs  May 18 2012 | CBC

Watchdog warns robocalls scandal raises privacy concerns  May 18 2012 | CBC

Walkom: What the report on policing Toronto’s G20 summit doesn’t discuss  May 17 2012 | Toronto Star

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair must own up to G20 mistakes or step down  May 17 2012 | Toronto Star

G20 ‘kettling’ commander among 45 officers to be charged: Supervisor who ordered crowd to be boxed in acted unlawfully, report says   May 18 2012 | CBC

Dunderdale ‘extremely frustrated’ dealing with MacKay  May 17 2012 | CBC

Government considering new health care premium for elderly immigrants  May 18 2012 | Yahoo News

Feds sink key science program: Experts appalled at impending loss of crucial project  May 18 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Parliament Hill reno spending rises to nearly $600 million this year  May 18 2012 | Postmedia

Military ombudsman ‘welcomes’ probe into travel expenses, dysfunction  May 18 2012 | Edmonton Journal

‘Time and punishment’ now Canada’s way  May 18 2012 | Globe & Mail

Conservative MP Hawn estimates CF-18 costs $12,000 less per flying hour than F-35 fighter jet  May 17 2012 | Hill Times

Budget cuts losing Canada friends and allies around the world: academics   May 16 2012 | Postmedia

Budget cuts claim famed freshwater research facility  May 17 2012 | CBC

Old Age Security affordable without changes, watchdog says  May 17 2012 | CBC

Gov’t to close Kitsilano search and rescue station  May 17 2012 | CTV

Conservatives silent on contents of unreleased 2007 pension report  May 17 2012 | National Post

Harper government refuses to release secret report on pensions  May 17 2012 | Postmedia

Tories shut down ‘groundbreaking’ freshwater research station  May 17 2012 | Globe & Mail

EI study asked recipients to consider moving: Minister Diane Finley wasn’t aware of study, isn’t considering relocation incentives  May 17 2012 | CBC

Dexter raises alarm over EI plan  May 16 2012 | CBC

RCMP conducted 5-month probe into leaked F-35 story  May 16 2012 | CBC

Tory ministers crash budget hearing, leaving little time for questions  May 17 2012 | Globe & Mail

Federal stimulus cash went to firms implicated in Quebec scandals  May 17 2012 | Globe & Mail

Harper ministers blast ‘patronizing’ UN envoy for ‘ridiculous’ right-to-food visit  May 17 2012 | Calgary Herald 

‘Food-insecure’ Canada rebukes UN official: Minister says special rapporteur on the right to food is a patronising academic for saying 800,000 households need help  May 17 2012 | Al Jazeera

UN official sparks debate over Canadian food security  May 16 2012 | CBC

UN food envoy blasts inequality, poverty in Canada  May 16 2012 | Toronto Star

Aglukkaq says activists hurt Inuit ability to feed families: Health minister says UN food official “ill-informed” and “a bit patronizing”  May 16 2012 | CBC

Tory minister suggests work in mining, shipbuilding for out-of-work Canadians  May 16 2012 | National Post

Enbridge Proceeding With $2.6 Billion of Additional Eastern Access Projects  May 16 2012 | Marketwire 

Personal information on Ontario hunters, fishers stored in the United States  May 16 2012 | Toronto Star

Ottawa turning blind eye to hunger, poverty: Grand Chief  May 16 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

UN food envoy decries ‘shocking’ conditions in Canada  May 15 2012 | Postmedia

Harper’s omnibus budget bill has too much baggage  May 15 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

How the Toews-sponsored Internet surveillance bill quietly died  May 15 2012 | Globe & Mail

Bill C-11: James Moore Accused Of Losing $10,000 Bet Over Lack Of Amendments To Tory Copyright Legislation  May 15 2012 | Huffington Post

Environment panel’s end blamed on support for carbon tax: Minister offers contradictory rationale for shutting down advisory panel  May 15 2012 | CBC

EI Rule Change: ‘Suitable Employment’ Redefined; Flaherty Says No Such Thing As Bad Job  May 14 2012 | Huffington Post

Ottawa to allow slaughterhouses to process already dead animals  May 14 2012 | Toronto Star

Physicians occupied MP’s office over cuts to refugee health care  May 11 2012 | Toronto Star

Cabinet ministers say no to meeting with UN food envoy  May 4 2012 | Postmedia

Majority of oil and gas profits sent out of Canada, study finds: Critics call for a reworking of policy to benefit Canadians  May 11 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Federal cuts called a ‘disaster’ for Canadian science  May 13 2012 | Vancouver Sun

Canada Unemployment April 2012: ‘Hidden Unemployed’ Phenomenon Means Real Jobless Rate Much Higher  May 11 2012 | Huffington Post

MacKay’s math questioned again as cost of Canadian Libya mission balloons to $347M  May 11 2012 | National Post

Harper moves to dismiss ‘frivolous’ lawsuit by Guergis  May 11 2012 | CBC

NDP accuses Tories of bending rules on $1-million grant for Baird associate  May 11 2012 | Glove & Mail

Opposition accuses Tories of stooping to new low to muzzle dissent  May 11 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Federal Budget 2012: CARP members supporting NDP, not Tories  May 11 2012 | Toronto Star

The Cost of an Oil Spill in Burrard Inlet: $40 Billion…For Starters  May 10 2012 | Canadian.org

Vic Toews’ bizarre plan to introduce his own personal inflation rate to prison  May 10 2012 | National Post

Tories approve bill proposing 10-year jail term for masked rioters  May 10 2012 | National Post

Auditor-General’s office to cut 60 jobs, reduce number of audits  May 10 2012 | Globe & Mail

Tories overrule officials to fund project of Baird’s ‘dear friend’  May 10 2012 | Globe & Mail

Overqualified immigrants really are driving taxis in Canada  May 10 2012 | Globe & Mail

Environmental charities don’t top list of foreign-funded groups: Foundations fear ‘chill’ from Harper government’s focus on cracking down on charities  May 10 2012 | CBC

Oilsands critics put spotlight on foreign ownership  May 10 2012 | CBC

New pardon rules thwart student’s rehabilitation: Marijuana conviction at 19 will stay with man until he’s 31  May 10 2012 | CBC

RCMP spied on B.C. natives protesting pipeline plan, documents show  May 9 2012 | Toronto Star

Vic Toews says federal prisoners will be charged more for room and board behind bars  May 9 2012 | Toronto Star

Feds linked to companies embroiled in Quebec corruption inquiry: The federal Conservative party received donations from dozens of employees at three engineering firms now implicated in high-profile police investigations into Quebec’ s construction industry  May 9 2012 | Global 

Canada is world’s biggest oil loser by buying high, selling low  May 8 2012 | Financial Post 

Election polling station ‘errors’ raise troubling questions  May 8 2012 | CBC

Critics question air force’s evaluation, demand more proof F-35 is best choice  May 8 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

The Commons: Are Peter Kent’s answers being laundered?  May 8 2012 | Macleans 

As Tories rewrite rules, watchdog details cost of lax environmental regulation   May 8 2012 |  Globe & Mail

War artist destroys works as protest against Tories: Allan Harding MacKay’s works based on images taken in Afghanistan and Somalia  May 8 2012 | CBC

$7.7B in contaminated sites a legacy of weak oversight: Environment auditor says without regulations, revised emissions targets are out of reach  May 8 2012 | CBC

Tory minister defends environmental changes in budget bill: Natural resources minister says he’s spoken to Canadians on bill to pass environmental regulations  May 7 2012 | CBC

Canada’s Economy: Pipeline Approval Necessary To Boost Employment, Government Says  May 7 2012 | Huffington Post

Appeals board failing veterans in need, ombudsman says  May 7 2012 | Ottawa Citizen 

Tories accused of being ‘one of most anti-environmental governments in the world’: Sustainability experts laud early initiatives to expand park land and control toxic substances, but say the most recent budget is an international embarrassment  May 7 2012 | Hill Times

Something’s fishy with Bill C-38  May 7 2012 | Ottawa Citizen

Criminal pardons more expensive, now taking longer: Omnibus crime bill to extend pardon ineligibility period once passed, expected this week  May 5 2012 | CBC

Charities respond to environment minister  May 4 2012 | CBC

F-35: Government failed to provide full cost estimate despite order, watchdog says  May 3 2012 | Postmedia

Vaughan Health Care Foundation folds, citing creation of new fundraising foundation  May 2 2012 | Toronto Star

CSIS freed from final shreds of oversight   April 30 2012 | Toronto Star


Citizen Engagement

Groups ask cities to stay out of Canada-EU trade deal  June 1 2012 | Calgary Herald

Activists gear up for multi-pronged protest against Tory budget bill  June 1 2012 | Globe & Mail

Quebec Protest Gets International Support From Camila Vallejo, Chilean Revolutionary  June 1 2012 | Huffington Post

Casseroles – Vancouver, May 30 2012  By Ian Mackenzie

Quebec tuition talks collapse; province braces for more protests  May 31 2012 | Globe & Mail

Omnibus Budget Bill C-38: Activists seek 13 Conservatives to stop fascism  May 30 2012 | Agoracosmopolitan

Lawyers take to the streets with students for Montreal’s 35th consecutive night of protest  May 28 2012 | National Post

Archivists protest in Ottawa over federal cuts  May 28 2012 | CBC

Ontario students in solidarity with Quebec students  May 25 2012 | CityTV

Quebec unrest: more arrests in a few hours than throughout the October Crisis  May 25 2012 | Winnipeg Free Press

Student groups head to court to overthrow Bill 78  May 25 2012 | CTV






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