#OpProRogue Part IX: The Case of Torture & Harper Government’s Multi-Million Dollar Secrecy

We detained, and handed over for severe torture, a lot of innocent people.
— Richard Colvin

Read Extract of Richard Colvin’s opening statement  November 18 2009 | Canadian Press

Richard Colvin’s Affidavit

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In the News 

Canada rejects call for probe into Afghan abuse  November 19 2009 | Reuters

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson announces full terms of review  March 13 2010 | Globe & Mail

Minister of Justice Releases Terms of Reference For Independent Adviser to Review National Security Information  Department of Justice

Biography: The Honourable Frank Iacobucci

Backgrounder: Terms of Reference

Feds ask former judge to decide on Afghan documents  Marh 05 2010 | CTV

Canada complicit in torture of innocent Afghans, diplomat says  November 18 2009 | Globe & Mail

All Afghan detainees likely tortured: diplomat  November 18 2009 | CBC

Canadian diplomat alleges troops in Afghanistan were complicit in torture: Senior diplomat formerly stationed in Kabul claims troops ‘handed over for severe torture a lot of innocent people  November 20 2009 | The Guardian

The government has spent at least $1.6-million on a panel of three retired judges vetting thousands of secret documents at the centre of the detainee torture allegations in Afghanistan—but none of the censored information has yet been made public   February 10 2010 | Hill Times

Judge has no right to decide what parliamentarians can see   March 19 2010 | Toronto Star

Canada wanted Afghan prisoners tortured: lawyer: Unredacted documents show officials hoped to gather intelligence, expert says  March 5 2010 | CBC

Afghan Detainee Torture: The Issue That Grew, and Grew, and Grew  April 2 2010 | Prism Magazine 

4,000 pages on Afghan detainees leave question of torture unanswered  June 22 2011 | Globe & Mail

The Afghan detainee scandal dies, while petty scandals are given full inquiries   July 7 2011 | Canadians for Accountability

Military Police cleared in Afghan prisoner inquiry; commission slams government  June 27 2012 | Montreal Gazette

Canada troops not complicit in Afghan abuse, panel says  June 27 2012 | Reuters

Report into Afghan detainee transfers clears military police: Report compares commission process to stonewalled Somalia inquiry  June 27 2012 | CBC

Complaints Commission Looking Into Afghan Detainee Issue Finds Serious Problems in Reporting, Accountability and Information Sharing in Canadian Military Police  June 27 2012 |  Ottawa Citizen

Walkom: Afghan prisoners and Ottawa’s cult of secrecy  June 27 2012 | The Star

Watchdog clears troops, slams brass in Afghan torture case  June 27 2012 | Globe & Mail

Harper government stonewalled detainee investigation, military watchdog concludes  June 27 2012 | Globe & Mail

Commission’s Final Report – MPCC 2008-042 – Concerning a complaint by Amnesty International Canada and British Columbia Civil Liberties Association in June 2008  Military Police Complaints Commission


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