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Metroid fusion rom is the fourth game in the Metroid game series released by Nintendo in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance. This action-adventure is the same as previous games in the video game series, as the player did side-scrolls, platform jumping, puzzles, and in-game shooting. One unique thing about this game is that it has introduced mission-based gameplay in which the player is guided correctly through the areas.

FULL NAME:Metroid Fusion ROM download (US)

Metroid fusion rom game was initially released in 2002 in North America, Europe, and Australia, and later in 2003 in Japan. The story begins with Protestant Samus Aran who is the bodyguard of the biological research team on the planet SR388. While researching players come across a horned who tries to attack the player and the team so that player can kill the creature. However, a yellow-colored organism named X originates from the Horned body and enters the Samus body.

Initially, the player feels no change and continues your work, but on your return to the lab player lose consciousness and your ship (gunship) crashes into an asteroid belt. Your ship’s emergency system turns on before it crashes on land and ejects player safely, saving players life, but destroying your ship. A medical team quickly gathers and begins treatment. On treatment, they find that a parasite on SR388 has entered your body, which they have named X.

A large part of the player’s power suit gets infected and integrates with the player’s system and its appearance is surgically altered.player were later treated by giving players an anti-X vaccine made of matroids that give players the power to be invincible to X and increase health and ammunition by absorbing it.

In Metroid fusion rom hacks, the player controls the character of a bounty hunter, Samus Aran, and has to investigate a spaceship that is filled with infected creatures. These organisms are infected with a virus known as the X-parasite that targets the central nervous system.

Features of Metroid Fusion Rom:

  • Side Puzzels

Players have to solve a lot of puzzles in metroid fusion rom, get power-ups, and defeat enemies to progress in the game. And the game has many new features such as climbing ladders and climbing stairs.

  • Fight Enemies

As the player explores the station revealed by the computer Adam that X can use his victim’s DNA to make a perfect replica. Later players find out that X has used the infected part of your power suit to create a replica of the name SA-X, which has all your powers.SA-X uses powerbombs to escape the Quarantine Bay resulting in the destruction of capsules capturing the X parasite that caused its spread in the station.

  • Open World Game

 Metroid fusion rom hack is set in an open-ended world where elevators connect areas. Each area has rooms that are separated by doors and Samus can shoot to open the door or have to wait to reach a certain level before reaching the door.

  • Epic Bosses to Fight-

As players explore the station more you fight multiple bosses such as Archanus, Elephant Bird, SA-X, and more.

All of these bosses will have special rights with strong attack and defense. After players kill the boss it will release a force known as Core X that player can jump on and absorb. As players absorb Core X, players will gain health, ammo, and a new weapon or item that players can use in battle.

  • Use Cool weapons

As players explore different areas in the station, players are struck by these powerful creatures that are affected by X.

players have to fight them to move forward and fulfill the next objective and players will need weapons to fight them.

In the beginning, players only have one weak weapon that doesn’t do much damage to the powerful opponent, so the player needs to collect more powerful weapons to kill them. Player can obtain powerful weapons by downloading data from the data room or absorbing Core X after beating the boss. Like player will get the missile launcher initially by downloading the data from the data room, but the player will get the charge beam only after Core X is absorbed.

  • Guidance from an NPC (Adam)

Adam is a non-playable cybernetic unit in the game that provides Samus with specific objectives and information about the various objectives. Samus named his gunship Adam because it reminds players of your former commanding officer who died while rescuing the player. Later talking about the Self Destruct mechanism in the station to destroy X, players realize that the player ship computer is actually Adam. Adam’s personality was uploaded to the computer before his death, so now players have your former CO giving player motives and suggestions.

Metroid Fusion

Requirements to Install Metroid Fusion Rom:

As the metroid fusion GBA rom game was released for the Game Boy Advance console, you would need to download the Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator to play the ROM of this game.

There are many GBA Emulator available

For Windows-Boycott Advance 0.4, No$GBA, Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2, and so on

For mac-VisualBoyAdvance 2.0.2

For Linux-  Mednafen 1.21.3 Linux

How to Install Metroid Fusion Rom

  • Download a GameBoy Advance Emulator on windows PC or Mac System.
  • Metroid fusion ROM download
  • Open your GameBoy Advance Emulator and lRUm the Rom
  • Add the downloaded file.
  • Done, Enjoy your favorite game, metroid rom.

This ROM is designed for users of the Gameboy Advance, and without the GameBoy Advance emulator, the player will not be able to play this ROM.

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